June 30, 2014

Thrift Share and Family Fun

I can't do it, I just can't do it! As I drove to the post office late Friday morning, every street corner seemed to host a sign pointing to a rummage sale or estate sale. I noticed each and every sign but kept on my charted course towards the post office.

After mailing my packages I took a different route home on a small county highway, I noticed several cars on both sides of the shoulder of the road, I rubbernecked as I drove past trying to get a peek of what was for sale. I drove a short distance and spotted another sale. Because I am weak in spirit, I stopped to take a look.

I came away with two vintage books one written in 1959 and the other in 1969. They were 50¢ each.

The baby book written in  1969 has advice for each stage of babies first years. This information is so antiquated, but that will be another post. I have never heard or read the story of 'Johnny-Crows Garden,' the graphics are fantastic, I'll also share more about this book later.

With my decluttering resolve broken I turned the car around and headed back to the sale with all of the cars. What an assortment of items that were for sale, handmade, new yard decorations and bird houses, clothes, and tables full of household items. Several people were stationed around the different areas. 

The first item I saw was a Pyrex bowl, it was not priced I walked over to the card table where you would pay and asked the ladies for the price. One looked at the other, they looked at my Pyrex bowl, shrugged their shoulders and asked if 25¢ was okay. Yipee!

My 25¢, 443 Pyrex bowl, holds 2 1/2 quarts and is a very subtle shade of yellow. I noticed the Brody hobnail vase and got that for 50¢. 

The bean pot had a pink sticker price tag of 50¢, how could I pass it up.

West Bend bean pot made in the USA, and the plastic picture frame, which will look so much better when I paint it a different color, was $1.00.

As I walked around the tables I tried to tell myself only buy things you will use or really need. My next purchase was neither of those, more like a want.

I saw this sitting on a table and thought  it was a shaker for bath powder, but when I turned it over there was no way to fill it.

After a few seconds, I realized it was a hat pin holder. This piece has been well loved and probably washed with harsh solutions as the gold paint is faded in several spots. There is not a maker's mark only the words 'hand painted.' Now all I have to do is find my collection of hat pins.

I sure didn't want to put these thrifty finds in my basement so, the hat pin holder now sits on the dresser in the guest room, a nice addition to the other vintage items on display.

After washing the Pyrex bowl I found a place for it in my cabinets, it is a nice size for mixing. 

The books, well those seem to be my weakness and will go with the rest of my books stored in wooden crates, after I finish reading them. 

Looking for the right shade of paint for the picture frame before I place one of my family photos in it for display.

The bean pot was washed and used on Saturday for a family cookout we had at my son's house. I told him and his wife to keep the bean pot.

What a lovely Saturday afternoon I spent with my three children, their spouses, my six grandchildren, and my sweet sister and brother-in-law.

Here are a few photos of our family fun.

I don't believe I will have a chance to work on my great declutter in the basement this week, but rest assured I will get back to it next week.

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  1. Glad I live out in the "sticks." No tempting yard sales out here! But I am enjoying yours, friend. ;))) Linda@Wetcreek Blog. And you know you got a real steal on that Pyrex bowl!!!!

  2. Great finds, what a cute bean pot and 25cents for Pyrex, yay! Love the backyard, looks like a wonderful party : ) I give away a lot of my finds too, it's fun to give to someone you know will use it.

  3. You scored some real treasures, I love the hat pin holder!

  4. Way to unclutter that really cute pot! I have a hard time passing stuff up too :D

    "Now all I have to do is find my collection of hat pins." made me laugh

  5. The Pyrex bowl is such a lovely colour!
    I would have a hard time passing such wonderful things by too - it's a good job we don't have garage sales/ estate sales over here!
    That looks like a wonderful family gathering- lots of fun in the sunshine.

  6. Even though we know we shouldn't buy, sometimes we just have to!! It happened to me on the weekend too!

  7. Looks like such a fun weekend with the family. Love your Pyrex bowl!! Decluttering is such a depressing task. My first step is always, 'where do I begin?' Lol

  8. Look at that pyrex for 25 cents?? That is great! And I love the hobnail vase too. Have a great family fun time.

  9. Paulette, I know exactly the temptations of wanting to stop at the sales. Oh, it is so hard to pass them by. You did well, though, with the items you found. I love the illustration of the lion on the children's book!

    I look forward to following your decluttering posts. I should be doing the same thing, and I am trying, but it is slow going. I did manage to get 4 boxes to the thrift shop today AND I didn't go in shopping.