June 17, 2014

Eataly in Chicago

The Chicago superstore of all things Italian known as Eataly is located on Ohio Street in a two story building that has over 62,000 square feet of retail space. This is the second and largest Eataly location, the first and smaller location is in New York.

My friends and I decided to do a field trip and visit this much talked about place. My friend L was born in Italy, and my other friend R is a first generation American, so they both know how to cook awesome Italian food.

Let's take a walk through this food emporium through the eyes of my camera. Picture intense.

Front doors of Eataly in Chicago, Illinois
Fresh produce
I was intrigued by these dried raisins on the vine.
Fancy pastries 
Italian candy
Chocolate bars from Italy $8.50 
Who doesn't like nutella especially on fresh bread.
Milk from Italy is flown in so they can make their gelato.
Cookies and crackers
Italian soda 
Butter made with Italian cream
Jams and Jelly
Cheese, cheese, and more cheese
Look at these prices!
Dried meat and very large cheese
Fresh mad pasta
Fresh fish
No thanks, I'll pass on the fish head.
Olive oil
Packaged pasta
This gentleman was making
fresh mozzarella balls
he worked very fast to form these balls.
One of many restaurants with a view of the city.
Cookbooks were everywhere!
Investors of Eataly promoting their cookbooks.

Eataly has a bright and cheerful atmosphere with employees who are friendly and well informed about the products that are sold in the store.

What did I buy on my visit? One bag of pasta.


  1. Thanks for the tour - I want to taste everything!!!

  2. Ah, Paulette, this is even better than sitting on the couch watching Lydia's Italy!! What a great time that must have been. I'd love to visit (and have several hundred dollars in coupons.) LOL

  3. Thanks! Great pictures, looks like a pretty amazing place

  4. What a fascinating place to visit! DId you have lunch there too? I am amazed at how huge the place was and all the items they have there.