June 25, 2014

Decluttering Cups and Mug, The Beauty, The Cutie, and What Was I Thinking

People are obsessed love coffee cups and mugs. Starbucks mugs sell on eBay often times at outrageous prices. Pinterest has pages and pages titled 'My coffee cup obsession' or 'My mug obsession.' Vacation souvenirs from friends and relatives are often times coffee mugs.

While I don't have a Pinterest page of coffee mugs and cups, I did find several mugs and cups during my great declutter. Some are very elegant, some whimsical and a few brought the question of 'Why?' to mind, and do I possess any type of good taste?

Here are the three out of the several, too many, lots of cups and mugs I found that fall into this category.

The Beauty

While I found many china cups with delicate flowers and designs, this was a cup and saucer that I loved immediately. For me, it's a happy cup and very pretty in that 70's kind of way.

The Cutie

Who wouldn't fall in love with that adorable face? I paid 50¢, what a deal! It's not a deal if it's put away and never used. I could have bought an apple with that money. This declutter is making me realize that not all cute or pretty items have to come home with me, even if the item is a low price. 

The Wow or What the Hell was I Thinking 

The front of the mug
The back of the mug
The side of the mug message,
May your cup always be two-turds full in Wisconsin
The inside of the mug
Yep, those are supposed to be two deer turds!

Are you shaking your head, just like I am? If not you are too polite. What else lurks in my basement? Stay tuned.Photobucket


  1. That last mug is hilarious! Keep digging in that basement! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. You actually bought that last mug? Yikes. Keep on decluttering, you may find more "treasures".

  3. Hah! Yes, that last one's a beauty for sure!!! Bet it's going to the donation pile!!

  4. Okay, love the first one but the last? Those look like two miniature hand grenades in the bottom! (But it did make me laugh!)

  5. I'm so glad I had put my coffee down before I reached the third one! I suspect that I would have choked on it as I am laughing so much!

  6. I am totally in love with the beautiful cup and saucer in the first picture and although it gave me a laugh I'm not too sure about the last one! Maybe you were having a bit of a mad moment when you bought it?

  7. Don't worry, we all have stuff like that. You are just brave enough to share it with the rest of the world. Thanks for the laugh. If you add it to the garage sale pile you know someone will snap it right up.

    xo Danielle

  8. Yikes that's a little scary! Lol but it did give me the idea of putting my mug collection on eBay! Beautiful first cup.

  9. Yikes but LOL! It must bring back lots of fond memories!!!!...:)JP

  10. That puppy dog mug is adorable I have one like it except mines a teddy bear haha