June 23, 2014

48 Stars, A Chicken, A Jar and Uncle Sam

In a few weeks, Americans will be celebrating Independence Day usually called The Fourth of July, on this day, we celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.

So while I was sorting things out during my great declutter, I found these treasures that I will use to decorate for the upcoming holiday.

Tucked inside one of the drawers of my mother's dresser from the 1940's, that I am considering to redo using ASCP, but that will be another post, I found this American flag.

This flag was found at my father's house
while we were clearing things out.
Forty eight stars on this field of blue.
This flag measures 36 X 26 and originally was on a wooden flag pole.
One tiny staple still remains on the edge of the flag
where it must have been stapled onto a wooden rod.
On January 3, 1959 Alaska became our 59th state so this flag is at least 56 years old.

I use to travel to Cedarburg, Wisconsin right after Thanksgiving and before Christmas for the Lang Company warehouse sale. The line would wind around the salt box building that had electric candles placed in the center of each window. You could get your Christmas cards three and sometimes four boxes for ten dollars. Coffee mugs, candles, decorations, gift items were all reasonable priced. Sadly the warehouse sale moved to a Milwaukee suburb and it was just not the same, so I stopped going.

While sorting I found a peculiar piece that I bought at one of the Cedarburg Lang sales. This decorative figurine was made by Dan DiPaolo in 2003, for the August Moon series produced by the Lang company. 

Title of this piece is;
Uncle Sam on a chicken.
I believe I only paid $5.00.

I have no idea why Dan Dipaolo thought to have Uncle Sam ride a chicken, but this little guy is a great conversation piece.

This large lidded jar was a recent yard sale 
find for only $3.00. It was standing empty 
so I decided to put. . .

Uncle Sam on a chicken inside.

The great declutter continues, stay tuned and see what I dig up next time.


  1. Uncle Sam looks great in his new little home! You have me wanting to declutter, we shall see!

  2. Cute little Uncle Sam on a chicken and perfect in a jar to keep the dust off. You must be super busy because I haven't heard from you lately.

  3. It looks great inside the glass jar!

  4. Nice idea the figurine in a jar. I recently saw a vase of flowers inside a large glass vase. Fun ideas! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  5. The flag is still in great shape, I'm impressed! And what a unique figurine; Uncle Sam on a chicken is nothing, if not unique. =)