June 11, 2014

Langham Anniversary Tea at 1865 Prices

Yesterday Langham hotels worldwide celebrated the 149th anniversary of the first Langham hotel, Langham London, by rolling back the price to what it was originally: 1 shilling and sixpence or 15 cents.

Reservations were required for the limited seating of 10 tables or 40 people, they announced via social media, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook when they would be taking reservations. Within five minutes all seats for the anniversary tea were filled, and I was one of the lucky people to get a table for four!

The Pavilion at the Langham Chicago offers a spectacular view of the city.
Beautifully set table with Wedgwood china.
Our waiter Paul provided awesome service making us feel very special.

The menu featured fourteen teas to choose from, three of us choose their signature tea, Palm Court Blend, featuring Chinese white tea, hibiscus flowers, rosehip and pink rose petals, that was prepared table side. The tea water is heated to 190 degrees and the tea is steeped for several minutes.

What a lovely color this tea has, and it tasted marvelous.
I used the homemade sugar cubes in my tea.
Savory portion of the tea.

This was a perfect bite of raspberry jam and Devonshire cream.
The sweet portion of the tea
During the tea, this gentleman provided us with soft background music.
Group photo 
This is what the table looked like at the end of the service.
These two gentlemen provide us with a very pleasant experience.
Here is our bill. Four table side teas 66¢.

We chatted, nibbled, relaxed and were pampered during our time at the Pavilion, Langham Hotel, Chicago. Mark your calendars next year they will be celebrating the 150th anniversary. 


  1. How utterly delightful! I wish I had been there. I've always wanted to go to High Tea time at a really fancy hotel but never have. I hope the food was a delicious as it looks.

  2. Even to a non tea drinker like me, that still looks delightful!!! Especially the scones!!

    I was taken by "Palm Court Blend" the Palm Court was a section of Selfridges in London - I learned that from the show!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, that looks just fantastic! I can see that I might like tea better if I steeped it longer. And I just happened to purchase some Devonshire cream. Now I have to hurry up and make scones!

  4. Paulette, this looks so dreamy. I am such a tom-boy, I wouldn't know what to do at a "tea"...:)JP

  5. What a lovely place and time to spend with friends; nibbling, sipping, and relaxing!

  6. How fun! I hate to say...I have never heard of the hotel? I am so glad you got to go and at what a price! Living the high life and a low cost!