June 20, 2014

DeCluttering My Vintage Treasures

The great declutter of my basement has begun. I have decided to simplify my life by getting rid of things that I don't use or need, but I do love my vintage goodies.

After the remodel of the kitchen, I was selective about what went back into the cabinets and drawers, or so I thought.  When I found my Arabia Finland Finel hearts bowl, see that post here, at a rummage sale a few weeks ago, I washed it up and looked for a spot inside the cabinets. As I opened up the cupboards, I saw a casserole dish that was purchased from a thrift store many years ago. While I like this pottery piece very much I have never used it, sits in my cupboard and looks pretty. 

I removed the pottery casserole and in its spot I put the Arabia Finland Finel hearts bowl that I knew I would be reaching for and often using.

And so started my journey on decluttering my home. While I enjoy lovely vintage things, what is the purpose of having them just sitting around not being used. So my next stop was the basement.

My husband built some storage shelves for me many years ago, where I keep my bins and boxes of holiday items, Halloween, Easter, and Christmas.

My first bins to sift through was Christmas. I found a huge box of vintage ornaments big, medium, small, fancy, plain, flocked and cute ornaments that say Merry Christmas. I could not part with them, but I don't need anymore for my trees, so I decided that I would make an ornament wreath with a friend.

I also found a few items I had forgot about, how could I forget this Christmas cuteness, they will add whimsy to my ornament wreaths. 

I have packed up three huge bags of clothes that are out of style or too small that will be donated. Several boxes now contain items for the rummage sale, and more items will certainly be added to the rummage sale pile.

Today I will tackle my cabinet that contains my glass plates, bowls and my Pryex. I will keep only what I will use and two items that I just can't part with. 

What is the point of me keeping all of these things, even if they are vintage and wonderful? I get caught up in the hunt of finding vintage items bring them home and store them in my basement. I can't possibly use every item to decorate my home. 

So my great declutter has begun. Will I still thrift shop, you bet I will, but I will only purchase things that I know I will use, buy as a gift for a blogger friend that collects certain items, or if I donate two things that I already have to make room for the new purchase.

I can't believe how much stuff I have down in that basement, just wait until you see!


  1. Oh the fun part of blogging with collectors! You never even need to leave your comfy chair. Your friends shop and declutter for you. Paulette, this is fun! Enjoy yourself, because this is a blast! Hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. I too have decluttered some of my vintage items, along with some that weren't vintage. I took a large bag of things to the charity shop today after spending a little time in the attic room. I finished clearing out the kitchen cupboards when I revamped the kitchen a couple of weeks ago, so I just have the things that I use now. I haven't been to a caroot sale since we gave up the car, and whilst I really miss the thrill of the hunt, I am spending less money and not adding to the ' stuff' that I have.

  3. Good luck!! I try to de-clutter as I clutter! If I bring something home, I make myself sell or re-donate something else. This method is working pretty well, so far.

  4. I always have a donation pile on the go but I am always bringing in new tnings, but I can say, not as much as I used to, so that's a good thing!

  5. Oh my, you are busy busy. Perhaps it will rub off on me and I will clean closets and drawers where all my clutter collects.

  6. Oh lordy you should see my basement......it is a Christmas explosion! Bins of things of my Grandparent and my Mom's. I go down there and think I will declutter and I get overwhelmed. Luckily any vintage finds don't go there....I guess they now go to 1515!! ha! Sorry I have not been around much, busy with work and when I am off and get 1515 it is non stop plus I have had internet problems at both places. I was horrified when the cable man had to go to the basement! I wish I could come shop in your basement.

  7. Well, Paulette...good luck sorting and getting rid of things...it is very hard emotionally, I found....:)JP