April 11, 2013

Watching Music

 My grandson Elliott sat down to play the piano.

I noticed that he wasn't sitting up straight.

Soon his little head was pressed against the piano.

Elliott, what are you doing?
"I watchin them pound music."

Through the narrow crack of the piano, he was just the 
right height to see the hammers hitting the strings.

Another grandma moment that filled my heart with joy!


  1. Isn't that sweet! And what a curious, fun kid. :-) When I was a young teen, I took the front off our old upright piano and put thumbtacks on all the hammers. That's when I was playing 'Twelfth Street Rag.' It made it sound like an old player piano. So fun!

  2. Absolutely adorable...their sense of wonder and discovery helps keep us young!

  3. Very smart that youngster of yours.

  4. Out of the mouths of babes.....Arent they so cute? and clever too.X

  5. Oh, what a precious memory made! :-)