April 25, 2013

A Wedding ~ A Celebration ~ Beautiful Memories

My great-nephews wedding was two days filled with family and friends. Activities were planned for us, meals were eaten together, and memories fill our hearts and minds of this lovely event.

Here is the happy couple jumping for joy! (This photo was taken by the resort photographer, release form was given to the bride and groom for the photo.) 

My nephew, the groom's father, my sweet sister, the bride and groom, who is my great-nephew, my brother-in-law, and my other great-nephew. My niece and I were taking pictures and forgot to get into most of the photos. 

My sweet sister was thrilled to see her first grandson get married and to welcome a new member into the family.  During this trip I wanted to take as many photos of my sister and her husband,  her children and grandchildren, my brother-in-law is ill, and I wanted to document as much of the happiness as I could.

My sweet sister, brother-in-law, new granddaughter and her two grandsons. 

I love this photo of grandson and grandmother dancing. My brother-in-law didn't dance during the reception, but a few days later . . .

I think he was smiling because the feathers from the girls head pieces were tickling his forehead. What else could it be?


  1. Lovely photos of your family, Paulette. It looks like a sweet, joyous occasion. Re. the last photo: Do those girls' mothers know they dress like that???

  2. It must have been perfect!!

  3. So funny! ALL the photos were wonderful! Wonderful memories of family!

  4. Great pictures, Paulette! Looks like everyone had a great time.

  5. i love the jumping pic with the cerulean background :) awesome! happy times with family is always the best times :) congrats to the bride and groom!

  6. Wonderful photos and happy memories for you. I have never been anywhere that the sea and sky look so blue - I hope it still looks like that when I get there in August!