April 13, 2013

A Road Trip - A Warehouse Sale - A Great Public Restroom

Every couple of years my friend and I will take a two day road trip to the Vera Bradley outlet sale in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This sale is held inside of the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, and it is a massive sale.

Vera Bradley is a leader in fashionable, colorful, cotton quilted handbags, accessories, luggage, and gift items for women of every age. The Vera Bradley company is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The Vera Bradley outlet sales are six day events, the first three days of the sale require you to purchase a ticket for a two and a half hour shopping sessions. The cost of the tickets were $5.00.  There were four ticketed events on Tuesday through Thursday. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday no tickets are required, but often times there are long lines.

Friday morning we arrived to no lines and no waiting. We went inside and started to shop.

As you walk in, a Vera Bradley employee clad in one of Veras aprons, hands you a pink plastic bag to carry your selections, and a guide that will direct you to the area where your favorite Vera products can be found.

Purse of many different styles were available.

Luggage in colorful patterns




Tea Towels


Flip Flops

Roll Bags

Lunch Bags


The sales floor was exploding with color. 

My friend is a fan of Vera Bradley products, she uses Vera wallets, purses, totes, travel bags and has a Vera Bradley suit case. I, however, am not a fan of the quilted colorful Vera line nor the prices. 

As I walked around the sales floor, I found a few items that were reasonably priced that were placed inside my pink bag for purchase.

The $1.99 price point got my attention.

I admired these young men for wearing these extremely colorful aprons.

Even royalty shops warehouse sales.

I purchased a few items for gifts and for a give away for my two year blog anniversary coming up in May, so stay tuned for that. 

My favorite part of our road trip was in the heart of Amish Country in Shipshewana, Indiana when we stopped to have lunch at the Blue Gate Restaurant. The food was good, but the restroom will remain in my memory as one of the best public facilities that I have ever been in.

Beautiful oak cabinets, wainscoting panels, and furniture. 

Cleanest and most attractive public restroom I've ever been in.

Fresh flowers line the sinks.

It was an enjoyable road trip, spending time with my friend, shopping, a beautiful lunch with the best public restroom I've ever seen, but I never saw one thrift shop while we were driving, and believe me I looked.


  1. Hi Paulette, i love your photos, but I agree that Vera Bradley is not my style either. Those colors are just too sweet and too busy for me. Sorry you did not visit a thrift shop. I always look forward to seeing your bargains!

  2. I had NO idea they sold that many different items? Shipsehwana, my cousins live in Columbus IN and have always wanted to take me there. Glad you had a good give away!

  3. It looks an amazing place Paulette.

  4. I agree the overly colorful Vera Bradley is not my style either. Yes, it was a gorgeous bathroom.

  5. I would of loved to of gone to a Vera Bradley sale as I love her stuff. Too bad you didn't see any thrift stores.


  6. No lines to get in? Wow! I'm not a huge fan of VB either, but know plenty of ladies who are. I do like the aprons the guys were wearing, though.

    I can appreciate that bathroom at the Blue Gate Restaurant as well. It looks spic and span clean!

  7. wow! the colors are everywhere! i think i like the flipflops the most :) cool bathroom!

  8. You're right, that is a washroom to be remembered!! They don't happen very often!!

  9. On the door, next to the "No public restroom" warning was a "Closed" sign. I understand the struggle to keep small-town museum doors open. Limited budgets. survival warehouse review

  10. Wow! I must put the Vera Bradley sale on the "to-do" list- it looks fabulous! How were the prices of the handbags, backpacks, etc...? Worth the trip?