April 26, 2013

Can I Vent About Thrift Store Prices

What is happening at the thrift stores? The prices are outrageous! Am I just being crabby or frugal?  Help me decided if the thrift stores in my area have high price tags.

I saw this hand mirror sitting on the shelf, 
I have no idea what material this is made with.

It was priced at $9.99!
And can I just have a moment of your time to tell 
you how much I dislike the use of this wide tape!!!

The only explanation I can think of is that 
something else went along with the mirror.

I noticed this tchotchke/chotchke sitting on the shelf 
and was stunned at how this item was priced.

I picked up the largest Fleur-de-lis and found a tag for $1.99,
I then discovered that the two smaller ones were also 
$1.99 a piece. I would think that since they are 
smaller they would be less expensive.

My biggest surprise was finding out the tray that the
three Fleur-de-lis sit in was marked $14.99.
Total cost $20.96.

What happens if someone buys one of the Fleur-de-lis for $1.99?
That ruins the entire look of this tchotchke/chotchke.
Why not just mark, reasonably, all the pieces for one price?
They could use that wide tape that they are so fond of 
keeping all the pieces together.

This red Pyrex bowl was reasonably priced, 
however, it was pretty scratched up. I had to pass.

I wish all Pyrex was marked 99¢.

I left the GW feeling something like this.

Next stop was SVDP, I walked up and down 
the isles, I gasped when I saw what was sitting on the shelf, 
I ran over to grab my favorite colored Pyrex, PINK!!!

To find that it had a chunk missing on 
the outer rim. I held this pretty pink Pyrex bowl 
for a few moments and returned it to the shelf. 

The price was right, but I just couldn't live with the knick.

This baby scale has been sitting on the shelves at SVDP
for almost two months, in the same spot, and no buyers.

Could it be the price?

Rummage sales will soon be popping up in my area, especially church rummage sale, my favorite kind of sales, and I can avoid the thrift stores.

So my blog friends, am, I a crabby thrift shopper, or do you think these prices are outrageous? How are the prices at your thrift shops?

How I miss the thrift prices of five years ago, I could get a vintage apron for 49¢, and believe me I did, but that will have to be another post. 

Thank you for letting me vent, I promise I will be cheerful tomorrow.


  1. I don't know what's going on either, every time I go, I see something priced crazy expensive. I can't stand to see little figurines for 9.99 , And,when you see dollar store items priced at way more than $1, you know it's bad! Value Village is getting really bad and I think my Salvation Army has new pricing too!!

    There is a church rummage sale here on Saturday - I'll be there!

  2. Vent away, Paulette. The ridiculous prices in charity shops are one of my favourite topics of conversation! I recently saw a second hand pair of converse in one of my local charity shops for £25 when you can get them off the internet for about £30ish brand new. It's really not representing good value for money I feel. xx

  3. I've been priced out of many of the charity shops in my area. Lots of them are now marking things as 'vintage' and adding a hefty price to go with the description! Many of the things are damaged or stained but the shops still charge high prices for them - not long ago I saw a dirty, stained sofa priced at £150. I prefer to go to the carboot sales where I can still occasionally find amazing things for very little money.

  4. I agree the prices are much higher now! I bought a well made, but well washed navy blouse for $4 at the Salvation Army. Then I found a new one on a clearance rack at a discount store for $5. So I look for second and third mark downs instead of thrift stores.

  5. Its the same here in my area - prices are incredible and nothing is moving off the shelves!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Everyone is trying to make a buck.

  7. You are so right! Very rarely can you find a reasonably priced treasure at a thrift store. Rummage sales and garage sales are the way to go.

  8. My sentiments, exactly, Paulette. The Goodwill stores in my area are the worst. I've stopped shopping there. SVDP has more reasonable prices, but in our area, the selection is subpar. I frequent the estate sales, which admittedly, are more expensive, but the merchandise is usually better and less "junky." Garage/yard sales are hit and miss as far as quality and selection. Like you, I love church rummage sales. I've found many of my favorite items at local church sales. Great post.

  9. I agree, Paulette. Marking a plate 9.99 when you can buy the same plate, NEW, at Home Goods for $3.99 is the kind of thing going on at my "lunchtime" thrift shop. I've been saving lots of money by not indulging my lunchtime thrift habit.

    I'm looking forward to some church rummage sales and maybe a couple of really good yard sales in the next couple of months. That should give me my junkin' fix.

  10. Yes, I agree. The thrift stores prices are high around here, too. I have stopped buying many of the items that I used to buy :(

    Garage sale prices seem to be climbing, too.