April 10, 2013

Read Digital Magazines Free Through Your Local Library

I enjoy flipping through a glossy magazine with all of the spectacular photos and fascinating articles, but I don't like the prices of the magazines. I recently gave up my subscription to Better Homes and Gardens, and HGTV magazine. I remember when my mother would send me to the store for the magazines, Family Circle, and Woman's Day, at that time the price was 29¢.

I recently picked up a magazine at a store, and it was priced at $9.99! I could make a tasty dinner for that price and have food left over for lunch the next day.

For my retirement, two years ago the staff gave me an iPad. I was reluctant to use the apps that would allow me to read books on my iPad because I like the feel of a book in my hand.

Several months ago, I logged on to my local libraries webpage, to reserve a book, and noticed a tab titled eContent, so I clicked on it. I was informed that I could enjoy popular materials from the comfort of my home. The library was offering eBooks, audiobooks, music and videos from the Wisconsin Digital Collection aka OverDrive, and popular magazines through Zinio.

I quickly explored OverDrive and found that many people must enjoy reading books on their Kindles, Nooks, iPads or computers, because any book I was interested in reading had several people ahead of me on the reserve list.

I decided to explore Zinio and see what magazines were offered, but first I had to set up an account through the library and Zinio. I will tell you that the process was toilsome but well worth the effort.

For the past few months, I have been enjoying magazines through my local public library that I read on my iPad for free.

Here is a list of magazines that I am able to access from my local library ...

Country Living
Every Day with Rachael Ray
Family Circle
Food Network Magazine
Good Housekeeping
House Beautiful
Ladies Home Journal
Martha Stewart Living
O, The Oprah Magazine
Traditional Home
Woman's Day

I still prefer  holding a magazine and turning the pages, but my budget would not allow me to subscribe to all of the above magazines, so I am learning to enjoy these publications on my iPad. I can tell you one thing, I don't miss are those annoying advertising cards that are stuck inside of the magazines.

Several of my friends are now accessing their favorite magazines for free from the library, they are reading articles from laptops, desktops, PC and Macintosh computers, Kindles, Nooks, iPads and on their cell phones.

I encourage you to check out your local public library and see if they offer magazines at no cost to you through Zinio.

If you are interested in setting up a Zinio account through your local library, there is a terrific, Zinio Library Patron Setup Step-By-Step instruction page, just click here.


  1. Thanks, Paulette! Great information. The library doesn't usually have the books I'm looking for and I end up either going to Amazon or else doing an inter-library loan. But it's great to see that we can access magazines too. Thank you!

  2. I haven't tried this yet, but it sounds like such a sensible idea. I remember my mom subscribing to McCall's and I'd get so excited to cut out the latest paper dolls.

  3. Good to know! I love my magazines too but they do get pricey.

  4. I used to love Family circle but I havent seen it for years over here.I wonder if it is still going? I have got some copies of US editions of the actual magazines that I have bought on various trips over.It would be a great idea to borrow from the library.

  5. Our library does it too but I have no kindle or ipad.

  6. Paulette, what a great post on accessing the resources at your library. Every magazine on your list is a favorite of mine. I'm in South Carolina but I'm going to investigate this service here! Thanks!

  7. Thanks for the great tip! With Mr. business not doing well I can not buy magazines anymore. Like you I pick one up..then I see the price and realize how many meals I can make for that price!

  8. This is such a good idea, Paulette. I, too, love many of the magazines on that list, but could never afford to subscribe to them all. I'm going to check this out. Thanks!

  9. I have not yet made the switch to digital. But, I know many people enjoy reading on their iPads, etc... I still renew "paper" magazines if the cost is reasonable- I think I just renewed BHG for $6/year for 2 years! If you find a low price on Amazon, individual magazines will match it!