July 17, 2012

There are many festivals that happen all summer long in and around my hometown, my favorites are the church festivals. Last weekend was my favorite festival hosted at  Mt. Carmel Catholic Church.

I look forward to this festival because two nuns from Vietnam make the BEST Vietnam Egg Rolls, and every year I buy many, I love them.

Delicate and crunchy on the outside.

Filled with vegetables and meat on the inside.
Would this be the most healthy of choices, nope, but once a year it is the best treat!

During the year donation are dropped off by church members for the White Elephant Sale (essentially a rummage sale)  that takes place every year during the three day festival. I also look forward to this sale every year. 

When you enter the tented area tables are filled with items that are thrown placed on the tables any which way. Boxes of goodies are under the table filled to the brim with treasures if you have the time and patience to dig through them. Most items are priced twenty five cents, fifty cents, and one dollar. If an item is not marked you just ask one of the volunteers for a price. You get three different prices from each lady, and finally a price is determined.

This is what I found, a box full of neatly folded and pressed aprons.

Who wouldn't want to wear this cheerful looking apron.
Pink centered daisies from the 60's.
Every apron needs a pocket. 
The muted pink and blue flowers create a stunning apron.
This apron makes me think of a farm kitchen. 
A point at the center of the bottom of the apron adds a little charm.
Voile must be used for hostess aprons.
Love the high waisted point.
This voile apron has handkerchief pockets.
Sweet lily of the valley flowers.
Voile apron with a high waist.
Appliqued flowers inside the waist band,
and hemline adds subtle drama to this apron.
Pink voile full apron.
The apron strings make a pretty bow. 
The back reminds me of a sailor's shirt.
This is such a cute apron.

Of course, these handmade aprons were not priced, the three ladies decided that the cost would be one dollar for each apron. I gladly paid and brought my treasures home. Can't wait till next years festival, what treasures will await me at the next White Elephant sale?


  1. Nice aprons! I hope Heide sees this post. And those egg rolls look amazing. Love a crunchy exterior!

  2. I love finding treasures like these aprons. They are wonderful and sweet.


  3. One dollar???? CLUNK. Helen just fainted. Those are so adorable. What a wonderful haul, no wonder you can't wait for next year.

  4. What lovely aprons. It pays to dig through boxes at church sales! My mouth is watering from your egg roll description- yum!

  5. Another amazing find! Paulette, you are making my mini thrift diet hard to stick to. I keep thinking of the many deals that might be awaiting me! Like these super cool aprons and the fabulous dishes you have found.

  6. ooohh how those eggrolls make me hungry! i love sales like that too :) and ur aprons are soooo delicate and you can tell they were made with love :)