July 18, 2012

1954 ~ Cinderella Book

I love ephemera, especially children's books. I was thrilled to find this 1954, Wonder Book retold by Evelyn Andreas, at an estate sale a few weeks ago. The illustrations by Ruth Ives are elegant, rich in color, and for me depicts what a princess should look like.

Front cover of Wonder Book circa 1954 Cinderella.
The fairy godmother in this story book is stunning.
With a dazzling wand and delicate wings, every girl would
 like to have a fairy godmother that looked like her.

Who is more lovely, the fairy godmother or Cinderella?
"Indeed, Cinderella and the Prince were the handsomest couple on the dance floor."
While the stepsisters are wearing beautiful gowns, notice how
the illustrator Ruth Ives depicts jealousy, and envy in their faces.
Gazing into each others eyes, holing hands in the forest
equals happily ever after in story books.


  1. One of my favorite fairytales as a child. Love your find and the pictures are wonderful.


  2. And you have a little princess to share it with.

  3. I like the last picture, where they are in the forest, gazing into one another's eyes. So sweet!

  4. I love wonderful graphics. I think that was my favorite part of books when I was growing up. The stories were okay, but great drawings...wow. Now days, I like Jan Brett for her artful pages.

  5. Very nice find. I recently unearthed a rare book in wonderful condition. It's actually so rare, I can't seem to find a precise date, since there's no copyright page. But the inscription to the previous owner was Christmas of 1890. It's a lovely little children's book called The Home Picture Book...all little stories, poems, nursery rhymes and little bit of sheet music. I love it!

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  6. That is a gorgeous book and the illustrations are exactly as you picture Cinderella should be.I think old books have on the whole nicer illustrations than modern ones.