July 10, 2012

Button, Button Who's Got the Button? Me!

How sad I was to see my friends face as I walked up the driveway of her childhood home, the strain of removing items from her fathers house was evident. From the driveway, we looked at the two story saltbox house, and she pointed to the far right window indicating that was her bedroom while growing.

The family home sold quickly, and they had two weeks to remove the contains of the house. After the family went through the house and removed items they wanted, I was invited over to see if I wanted anything. She knows how much I love vintage. Not much left, she said just some junk.

I spotted the red tin sitting under some papers, and was delighted when I opened it up and found all of the buttons.
This tin sat on the shelf under some papers.

A tin full of buttons.

All shapes, sizes, and colors.

Love the pink and red buttons.

Texture and shapes make these buttons interesting.

I separated the white buttons.

I liked how the buttons feel in my hands. 

Buttons with two holes, four holes,
and holes  at the top.
My tin full of buttons.

And she said there was just some junk left! Button, button who's got the button? I do!


  1. I have a tin full of buttons that belonged to my Grandma C. We could have a contest!

  2. Lucky girl! Almost nothing better than an old tin filled with buttons. I remember many hours spent playing with my mother's button collection which was kept in a tall, black tin. Fun times!

  3. buttons collected with love over time :) a great gift!

  4. They're just so tactile. It was a treat to be able to get my mum's button tin out when I was a child, so many interesting buttons in there.

  5. How lucky is that?? I meant to post when I first visited...but didn't. I came back to take another look at your treasure!

  6. I am so jealous! I played with my Little Grama's button tin like this one. Making piles that matched, picking my favorite ones...sorting. There is NOTHING more fun than finding a great button treasure! YOU are that LUCKY Girl!