July 6, 2012

From a Truck, In a Parking Lot, In the Heat

No matter what the weather conditions are, freezing with below zero wind chill, thunderstorms, or hot and humid life goes on. That was evident yesterday when people stood in a line with the sun beating down on them while the temperature was 104 degrees to purchase ...

Georgia Peaches

In the early 1990's Tree-Ripe Fruit started selling high quality produce direct from the growers and packers to various location in the Midwest from a climate controlled truck. Yesterday the truck was scheduled to stop in my hometown for and hour and a half. 

The heat and humidity did not deter us from standing in line to purchase these luscious, mouthwatering Georgia peaches. 

For 35 dollars, I brought home a half bushel of peaches. The box contained 65 freestone Georgia peaches. Also for sale were Michigan blueberries, but I'm not a fan of blueberries, so I passed on that purchase.

I will of course be sharing these with my friends and family.

Can't wait until the weather cools down so I can bake a peach pound cake, but until then I will be using this recipe with some of my peaches.

This is a recipe from the Tree-Ripe Citrus web-site:

Peaches and Cream
grilled peaches and ice cream

Coat the sliced peaches in melted butter,
and sprinkle on a generous coating of
brown sugar, with a pinch of salt

Grill over medium for about 3-4 minutes per side, 
serve warm, with a scoop of good quality vanilla ice cream



  1. What a fun find you have with this peach truck. A great summer memory and the recipe is to die for! I loved your comment about my little vintage pitchers. The shape is unusual-that must be what caught my eye. Hope you had a great 4th!

  2. Mmmmm, peaches! They remind me of a childhood hoilday in France, the peaches were the size of your fist (although my mum did bite into one to be greeted by a giant maggot).Rx


  3. My husband brought home about nine, all just a bit overripe. I made my first ever cobbler and we had my mom and uncle over. Raves. Nothing, nothing like a fresh peach!

  4. man that taste good and mean sounds good. Come by and see me too. Wish I had some yummy peaches.

  5. Have a peach on me and when Utah peaches come in, I'll have one on you.

  6. I will get some from the local farmer when I go home. We will make something for our family reunion get togethers!

  7. i love peaches! yummo indeed! love produce thats sold straight from the orchard to your home from a truck :) nothing like fresh peaches mmmm!