July 24, 2012

Sister Wives

I enjoy watching reality shows, Hell's Kitchen, Master Chef, American Pickers, and Sister Wives are a few that I watch.

On the season finale of Sister Wives, several weeks ago, the Brown family, who are polygamists, promoted their book "Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage." 

During the weekly television show, we are shown how the Brown family that consists of one husband, four wives, seventeen children manage their polygamists life style.

While I do not believe in this life style, I find it fascinating and wanted to learn more about why their religion believed in plural marriage. I checked online to see if my local library had this book, and to my surprise there was a waiting list. I was number three on the waiting list for this book. After five weeks, I got the email that I could come and pick up the book.

Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown tell us in their own words, how through their religious beliefs they became a family, along with the struggles, joys, and jealousies.

The book is divided into sections with each wife writing, or giving their view point about Kody, raising children, and jealousies.

It took me less than twenty four hours to read this book, and I got some insight into this life style. While they talk about  'the principle' of plural marriage in the book and how they all believe that they were called to this lifestyle by a higher power. I gained no knowledge of why 'the principle' is so important to this religion.

While the ladies all write about trust, forgiveness, commitment, and acceptance, I get the idea that if it weren't for their religious beliefs in 'the principle', they would not be friends.

If you're a fan of the show you will gain some insight into the ladies and how they met Kody, but if you are looking for religious explanations of plural marriage or 'the principal' you won't find it in this book.


  1. I am finally reading "The Help". It is an interesting book but it does have some profanity in it which I don't like reading.

  2. I'm reading Spring Fever by Mary Kay Andrews. I like to read funny and charming or ghastly and mysterious. This is a fun summer read. I love her writing!

  3. After getting interested in the show myself, I learned that all FLDS, AUB (the Browns), LDS, etc.- all follow the teachings of Joseph Smith, who in a "revelation" basically decided he was a chosen one and wrote the book of Mormon, although it's constantly re-edited. LDS don't follow polygamy on earth, but believe the same principles, which means this: all men will become gos when they die and earn a planet. The wives must obey the husband, or he will not call her into heaven. CRAZY stuff. If you'd like to read more, come to our blog, http://sisterwivesblog.blogpot.com

    K. Dee Ignatin had an intersting post, or you can google FLDS. Also, lots of snark on the Browns!

  4. I have always wondered how couple could be happy sharing their love and body with another...

  5. I've never felt they are all as happy as they appear to be. I've seen the show, watched a few interviews but apart from their situation they don't seem to be very interesting people.

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