July 3, 2012

Founding Fathers ~ 4 of July

While visiting with a friend, she mentioned to me that she had started to read John Adams written by David McCullough, after watching the HBO mini series by the same title.

Published in 2002, this 752
page book won a Pulitzer Prize.

Author and Pulitzer Prize winner,
David McCullough.
I am no history buff, I have never had any interest on this subject; however, my friend spoke with such passion and enthusiasm about the mini series and the book, I visited my public library and checked out the DVD.

As I sat down to watch David McCullough Pulitzer prize winning book come to life on my television screen, I wasn't expecting to enjoy watching it. 

I was wrong, from the moment the first episode of this mini series started I was captivated.

This seven part series gave me an insight to what life was like in the 18th century and how the sacrifices and struggles formed our nation. The relationship of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson was eye opening. The love John Adams had for his family and especially for his wife Abigail was touching, a true love story.

As I stated earlier, I am no history buff, (I should have paid more attention in my history classes) I was surprised to learn at the end of this series that both John Adams the second President of the United States and Thomas Jefferson our third President both died on the same day, 4 July, 1826. 

John Adams
Second President
Born: 30, October, 1735
Died: 4, July, 1826

Thomas Jefferson
Third President
Born: 13, April, 1743
Died: 4, July, 1826

As America prepares to celebrate Independence Day or 4th of July, this holiday I will stand a little taller, and sign the national anthem a little louder, as I remember and celebrate how our founding fathers fought and sacrificed so that we could live in a free country. 


  1. This is a book I shall definitely have to look out at the library, thanks so much for mentioning it.

  2. happy fourth of july to u and ur family paulette! i shall be on the lookout for this book too :) it sounds riveting!

  3. John Adams was a fascinating man--and reading about the history of that time certainly sheds light on how elections used to work in this country--very different from now.

  4. I never liked history in school. I actually have learned more after I got into genealogy and it tied to certain aspects of history like the Quakers and finding that one of my ancestors came to America on the 2nd ship after the Mayflower.

  5. We didn't like history because we had horrid history teachers who made us learn names and dates, rather than concepts and people and ideas! This is a fantastic series. Our son-in-law loaned it to us a while back. I think I need to re-watch it. We SO take our freedoms for granted today and have little idea of what people have endured, what risks they took, to secure liberty. Will we trade it in for security? I hope not.

  6. I am a history buff, and John Adams was one of my all time favorite mini series. I would love to watch it again!

  7. Have a wonderful $th July Paulette.X

  8. I had forgotten about this series. My husband watched it when it first aired and loved it. I think I'll put this book on my library list.

    Happy 4th of July, Paulette! Hope you have a great day!!