October 29, 2011

Thrift Share

My story begins on Thursday afternoon. My sweet sister and I met our cousin Lorraine to celebrate her birthday. After hugs, kisses, how-de-dos, food, and a lot of reminiscing my cousin handed both of us  cards. Mine was for my retirement, which was in June, and my sisters card was for her June birthday. Inside, both our cards, were three lottery scratch off tickets.

I scratched off the first ticket and won $2.00 the second scratch off give me nothing, zip, zero, nada. The last scratch off was a larger sized ticket and the cost for this ticket written in the upper left corner was $5.00. I scratched off the four numbers that I had to match and started to scratch off the fifteen ovals in the bottom half of the ticket. The first oval I scratched off matched one of the four numbers, so did the second, third, fourth, all fifteen ovals matched one of the four numbers. Winner, winner, winner. I won 100 dollars and let's not forget I also won $2.00 on my first ticket for a total of $102.00.

Friday morning we went to an estate sale in a affluent area in Illinois numbers were passed out at 9:30 a.m. and we are number 12 and 13. When the sale opened at 10:00 a.m. numbers 1 -15 were the first people let inside the house.

I found a box of Christmas ornaments and as I was looking at them one of the sales ladies told me if I like old Christmas ornaments I should go downstairs and look on the center of the table. I walked down the basement steps and sitting on the center of a table was this...

A 27 inch tall wire tree with all of the ornaments for the cost $30.00. I don't usually spend that much money on holiday items, but I did like the tree and all the ornaments. I realized that I could buy the tree with my winnings from the scratch off lottery tickets. I gently snatched the tree up and walked slowly up the stairs to the cash wrap. The sales clerk put a sold sign on my tree and held it for me while I continued to shop.

My favorite ornament.

 Marked West Germany.

I like the tail on this proud bird.

Cute flowers on this ornament.

The Santa reminded me of one that was on our
families Christmas tree when I was a child.

As I was leaving the sale, a lady approached me and told me the tree and the ornaments belonged to her sister and that they were from 40's and 50's and her sister always displayed the tree during the holidays. I love having a small piece of history about things I buy.

I was quite frustrated with this sale because 50% of the items for sale were not priced. I found a beautiful etched cloche that had a tiny crack on the bottom of the bell that I really liked, but it had no price. I asked one of the clerks for a price, and she came back with a price of $45.00. I passed because of the crack.

While my sister and I were waiting outside for the start of the sale, we peeked in the window and saw sitting on the window sill a figurine of a little girl reading a book. We both remarked how sweet it was. My sister was holding the little girl when I met her in the kitchen and asked if I wanted to buy it. It was not priced so I needed to seek out a sales clerk. This time the news was better it was only $4.00.

When I got home, I noticed that this pewter piece had a signature 
Drury '73. Stamped on the outside rim is F. Robert Drury.
I just love her bare feet.

My last purchase was two children books that have wonderful illustrations by Tasha Tudor these were priced at $1.00 each.

I enjoy her artwork.

Looking forward to see what everyone else found this week.

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  1. You did hit the lottery in more ways than one. I am loving that Christmas tree and the ornaments!

  2. You did so well at that sale, first in and then such great VINTAGE Christmas collectibles too. Lucky day all round.

  3. ps: I am following you and have put a link on my blog to your blog under Creating...
    - Joy

  4. Love the ornaments! I haven't seen any like these around here. Great find.

  5. I saw a similar tree in the pottery barn catologe!


    The Joyful Thrifter

  6. Oh, I love all the colors and styles of those ornaments. Great find, and some history to boot. Nothing better!

  7. a gorgeous tree! The ornaments are so lovely!

  8. Such a sweet ornament covered tree, great find. x

  9. I have some identical Christmas ornaments - the Father Christmas, the red pinecone and a couple of others. They were in a boxfull that was passed onto me by my Mum - I remember them being on our tree when I was a little girl.

  10. Wow on that tree and the lovely ornaments! I love, love, LOVE old Christmas ornaments! I have just a few I've been collecting too.

    Thank you so much for linking up at Cap Creations. Be sure to come back every Friday for our thrifty link up.

  11. That's an awesome tree.
    Reminds me of the one I made with my son last christmas.

  12. Didn't you do well?! That was one card worth waiting for!

    Your Christmas ornaments are divine. I love the first one like you - is it a bee?

    The little pewter girl is adorable too.

    Well done!

  13. Wow those ornaments are fab! And the little girl with bare feet is very sweet.

  14. Amazing finds! I just love the little pewter girl.

  15. wow! loving the star on top of your metal tree :) they just dont make things like these anymore these days. what a find!

  16. Posts seem to be bringing back memories this week and your Christmas bird ornaments did just that. Every year on my December birthday, it was my privilege to decorate out tree and there were loads of lovely bird ornaments as part of that. I love that little girl and would have snapped her up

  17. Wow! A winning lottery ticket AND that gorgeous tree! What a deal!

  18. I loved the ornaments and the tree as well. I do have several very old ornaments from the 40's and 50's from my tree as a child. Thanks so much for sharing the photo of your wonderful find. Makes me want to decorate tomorrow!