October 18, 2011

Should superheroes only wear capes?

Bat girl, super girl, Lady Gaga, and Clara Barton have all worn capes. 

 Clara Barton inspired cape.

 Lady Gaga has worn several different kind of capes.
 Super girl
Bat girl

 Stopped in the GW boutique this morning for a quick look, and I found this cape...

This floor length Lorendale, 100% wool cape, had a red ticket 
price of $6.99, but today all red tagged items were 50% off. 

 The shiny rust color satin lining is in perfect condition.

 Love all seven of the buttons.
The long slit is where you stick your arm 
out, and the small slit it the pocket.

This is a beautiful cape and now is the season that I would be able to wear it, 
but should I? Can I wear this cape to the grocery store, WalMart or to Goodwill?
Perhaps this is just a Sunday go to meeting kind of look. I could just wear it to the
grand children's soccer games where everyone is wrapped up in blankets.
What do you think?


  1. I love it, you are so lucky. I'm a very envious over the cape. Will you wear it?

  2. Wear it where you want to. All the old rules went out the window with our new generation. I have a black velvet cape that is floor length and hooded. - I made it for my son who thought it was cool to have a cape.