October 26, 2011

HGTV Magazine

While the roofers were on my roof hammering/stapling/pounding in the shingles, my wooden cover for the doorbell that is in my house fell to the floor, and the wooden box broke. I decided to pop over to a hardware store to see if I could buy a new one, just so you know, you have to buy the complete doorbell kit to get a cover. I will be using some wood glue and some string to repair the wooden cover.

While I was in Lowe's I decided to look at the Christmas section, yes sir, the trees were all decked out, with lights and ornaments ranging from beautiful to why would anyone put that on a Christmas tree.  As I was leaving the holiday section to find the door bell cover my eyes spotted a magazine rack with....

Oct/Nov 2011 premiere issue of HGTV magazine.

I love watching the shows on HGTV, so I decided to purchase the magazine. Who doesn't love sitting down to relax with a cup of coffee and a decorating magazine?   So I grabbed the HGTV magazine and headed home to escape, just for a few minutes, into a world where everything is perfect.

Sarah Richardson, host of Sarah 101, gives 
readers a look inside her transformed farmhouse.

Cari Cucksey, host of Cash & Cari, wrote a short article 
about what items are a good purchase from an estate sale.

David Bromstad, host of Color Splash, 
thinks using see-through furniture is genius.

This Mystic chair, can be found at target.com

I enjoyed looking and reading through HGTV magazine. 
With a price point of $3.99, I thought it was a good deal. 
This is not a sponsored blog, just my thoughts on this magazine. 
I enjoyed reading this magazine and 
believe I will become a subscriber.


  1. I don't have a wooden box over my doorbell. How about a photo of it?

  2. Why is there no Christmas issue of this magazine anywhere available?????

  3. Thanks for letting me know you got this magazine at Lowes. That was the first place I thought might have it on the newsstand. I just saw an offer to subscribe 10 issues for $18 in my Food Network magazine, but I wanted to check it out before I committed. Here's the link for others who want to subscribe at that price, but take note that it's a continuous service price so that means that they'll automatically bill you at the end of the subscription unless you tell them otherwise. https://subscribe.hearstmags.com/subscribe/splits/hgtvmagazine/hgtv_sub_mag_nav