October 4, 2011

A Fall Practical Joke

A recently married young lady was telling a group of us about her new home.
Her story went something like this...

The neighbors on our block like to play practical jokes, which are pretty funny. My next door neighbor was a victim of the most recent prank. This neighbor is very fastidious from the sparkling windows on the house to the well kept front yard that is decorated for the fall season where a large scarecrow stands guarding the front door. On Sunday morning, the neighbors all got into the van and drove out of the subdivision.
The fastidious neighbors were targeted for a practical joke. Someone strategically placed a kielbasa on the scarecrow in their yard.  Several hours later the neighbors van pulled into the driveway followed by several other cars. You see they were at church for their babies baptism, and people were coming over for a celebration. The neighbor walked slowly up to the scarecrow and removed the kielbasa.

The next morning the recently married young lady, who is a new lawyer, was due in court with her client. As the judge walked in, she was surprised to see that the judge was her fastidious neighbor!

She did win her case, but the judge/fastidious neighbor has his house up for sale.

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