October 28, 2011

The isles WERE empty...

I saw my first Christmas commercial this morning on televisions so I decided to do a google search on how many more days until Christmas and found we had 57 days to prepare for the celebration.

My favorite thrift stores have had a Christmas isle since September, and over the last few weeks, I have seen the inventory increase. For several months, while everyone else was shopping the Halloween isle I have searched the Christmas shelves. In September, I found a vintage Christmas card holder and over several weeks I was able to find these ornaments.

The Christmas isle was void of thrift shoppers so I was able to sift through the shelves finding my lovely treasures at very reasonable prices. The past few visits to the thrift store I have found more shoppers in this isle.  

Yesterday I made a quick stop at St. Vincent DePaul's and found this...

I will be placing this on my front door after the first snow fall. I love the two red birds standing on the snow filled evergreen boughs with the two pine cones peeking out from the branches.  I only paid $3.99 for it. My father loved watching the birds in our yard and was especially fond of cardinals so whenever I see a cardinal item it brings back good memories of my father. 

St Vincent DePaul's front window display has changed from Halloween items to a winter/Christmas display. I'm sure the Christmas isle will become more popular, and I will have to share the isle with my thrifter friends. Oh well, it was fun having the isle to myself for that little while.  I have seen some Christmas items popping up in thrift share blogs, and I look forward to see what kinds of Christmas/holiday items everyone will be thrifting to decorate the tree and their homes.


  1. Nice selection of Christmas ornaments. I can't wrap my head around Christmas and I doubt if I decorate my house because I won't be here then.

  2. Love the birds, I'm sure they will look lovely on your front door, be sure to share a photo when you put it up.

  3. Love the collection of ornaments! We have a lot of cardinals stopping by our feeders and they are our state bird. We really enjoy watching them, too.

  4. ahh ur christmas finds! love the birds :)