October 20, 2011

Pictures don't lie

While the roofers continue to pound, hammer, bang, and blast the radio, I decided to clean up my workspace. Little did I know that the process would take me all day long. I guess time flies when you take a break and start reading your favorite blogs and finding new blogs to add to your favorite list.

The container that holds my pens, pencils, scissors, and rulers was so full I decided to clean it out. Over half of the pens did not work and I found enough paper clips in the bottom to refill the nearly empty paper clip container. We won't even mention the rubber bands, three staplers, and two tape dispensers. I found the digital camera that I thought I lost, that was a happy moment for me.

One large garbage bag later my work area and the drawers were cleaned up. I found many wonderful articles with great information that I had saved some dating from 2006.  I took a photo of the area and was shocked at how awful everything is.

The paint on the wall needs to GO my oldest daughter painted this room way before she was married, and that was over nine years ago! The cheap table from IKEA has served its purpose but now I think I deserve a better and perhaps larger desk/table. Maybe I could find a file cabinet instead of the plastic storage containers. I would like some shelves, a new lamp, and perhaps a cork board.

I have blogged about my love for gadgets if you look on the right side of the desk you will see three items; a mouse that is wired, a wireless mouse, and a wireless trackpad.  Why!?! {shaking my head, and not in a good way}

I will be looking at office makeovers and start seeking some inspiration for this room. I have a project..... Stay tune for updates. [-:

P.S. The purpose of this blog was to share some vintage clothes websites with you that I used several years ago and found during my clean up process. I will share them with you on the next blog. 

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