August 28, 2011

Thrifty Treasures

 Not one, not two, but three estate sales in my area this weekend.  The first estate sale on Thursday was a family run event. The three ladies had everything neatly lined up on tables in the garage, a cash station all set up with the necessary items, cash box, calculator, newspaper, bags, and the eBay research printed out sitting next to each item. I have to commend these lovely ladies for doing research on their loved ones antiques and collectable items.  A gentleman at the sale was interested in a silverware set and offered the ladies $50.00. The offer was refused because, on eBay it was selling for $65.00.  He gently pointed out that the item did not have any bids, that perhaps they should have printed off prices for completed sales. They still wouldn't lower the asking price. I hope they were able to sell the silverware set. I thought $50.00 was a fair offer, but what do I know.  Everything was priced too high for me, but I decided to take a second look around and to my delight I found four boxes of vintage greetings cards. No eBay research on the cards and they weren't priced. I held my breath when I asked for a price, to my surprise and delight 25¢ for each box, but that will be in a future blog.

Friday's estate sale had a website with photos I like when the people that are running the sale have a website and show pictures. While looking through the pictures, I caught a glimpse of a large pink Pyrex bowl. I was up early and signed in at 7:35 A.M. I was number 14. When the doors open the first 15 people are let in. As I enter the kitchen, I see that number 1 has the pink Pyrex bowls. I  headed for the basement and found a wonderful patio set for my daughters new house only $35.00.

You can never have enough hand towels, wash cloths and everyone need a Santa towel!

It's true the early bird does catches the worm. I arrived for Saturdays sale around 9:45 A.M. and my number was 96. As I patiently waited for my number to be called I saw amazing pieces of furniture being loaded into other peoples trucks, cars and vans. I didn't see anything that I had to have or needed except for  a bag of sewing items that was priced at $1.50 and a 1963 Alfred Hitchcock book.

A quick trip to Goodwill that did not disappoint me. I found a 1969 animal sewing card set. 

I love the graphics of all the animals, my favorite is the red zebra named Zeke.

Can't wait to see what everyone else found thrift shopping.

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  1. Great finds. I like those sewing bits and pieces. x

  2. I have 2 needle threaders just like that, great buy on the patio set.

  3. Love the patio set , and the sewing bits and pieces.

  4. Oh, I'm all squeaky over your sewing cards, especially Squeaky the Squirrel and Maxy the Doxie. What a cool find!!

    That patio set was quite a find, too.

    Now I know why I never see any pink Pyrex....I'm never out the door early enough to be first in line. :)

  5. LOVE the sewing cards! Cute.

  6. OH you found pinking shears!!!! Love the sewing cards! And the needle threader looks great!

  7. What great finds! Love the lacing cards, those are just too cute!

  8. I love your blog name. Of all your treasures the sewing cards make my day. I remember playing with those when I was a kid.
    Your new follower :)

  9. I received a thank you in the comment section to the Versatile Awards on one of the blogs I honored but it was their comment section not mine.
    I have never been to an estate sale - will have to look into some, if they have them here.

  10. Those sewing cards are so cute!

  11. I love the washcloths and the sewing cards too cute!

    E :)

  12. In my area no one has estate sales like that. Estate sales are fun just like garage sales so they can be crazy. They are few and far between and most are actually auctions instead.

    Oh your finds are wonderful. That vintage animal sewing kit is something I had when I was little. I remember playing with it for hours. Not that I can sew now. I acutally found it recently in my Mom's place and brought it home with me. It is very well loved. Not like yours. So cool.
    Karen G