August 21, 2011

Thrift Share

This week I discovered that I like ephemera, old newspapers, magazines, books, wrapping paper, and cards. I seem to gravitate to these items at thrift shops, rummage sales, and estate sales.

 On Friday, I attended an estate sale in my neighborhood a new company was in charge of this sale and had a different pricing system than I was use to. Items were marked with an amount or had dots that matched a colored coded price board, and some items weren't marked at all. I hate that.

I headed into the basement found a stool near some boxes full of different kinds of items and began to dig through them.  At the bottom of one box, I found some vintage Royledge self lining paper with edging that folds down over the edge of the shelf to form a border. The nice lady that was attending this area had no idea on pricing and sent me upstairs to the checkout table. I present my items that were not priced and I get; "Oh, these are old." Not a good sign in my opinion. In the end, she charged me fifty cents for each design of shelf lining paper, so two dollars. I wanted to haggle with her, and see if she would take a dollar fifty, but I didn't know if you can do that at estate sales. Can you haggle prices at estate sales?

 Vintage Royledge self liner paper

While digging in the boxes I found twelve Shiny Brite  
Christmas ornaments for four dollars.

This fabric was one dollar each and both had two and a half yards.
The yellow fabric has flocked white flowers that would make 
a beautiful sun dress for my granddaughter next summer.

I really didn't find very much at my two favorite thrift stores, Goodwill and St. Vincent DePaul.  I did spot this enamel coffee pot by Berggren it was missing the lid, but it was priced right and I can use it for watering my plants.  I wonder what the writing on the coffee pot says.

I found a book copyright 1942, The Question Book For Young Folks  by Sylvia Weil and Rosetta C. Goldsmith that is full of some unusual questions. 

One of the questions is: What is a dumbbell?
If teachers asked that question in todays classroom,
you can only imagine the answers that would be given.
How times have changed.

I look forward to seeing everyones thrift finds of the week.

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  1. Great finds! In my experience with Estate Sales, on the first day they usually will not negotiate to much, but on the second (or third if there is one) they will come down on their prices if asked or sometimes they have a 25% to 50% off of everything. So you get better prices if you wait until the second or third day.

  2. oooo loving those papers and the christmas ornaments. how special!

  3. the papers are beautiful indeed, i've never seen anything like that before. i love the coffee pot, it would make a lovely vase too. great finds!

  4. Gosh I think you found things that are lovely and very very inexpensive. Won't Xmas be a treat with those lovely baubles?

  5. I've never seen/heard of shelf papers like that. They are really lovely. So glad you could dig through the box without people hovering over you.

    It is so frustrating when things don't have prices. I attended a yard sale like that yesterday. I just grabbed up a bunch of stuff and plopped it down for a price. Since I could live with the price quoted, I bought the stuff.

    The Shiny Brites you found are so pretty; love the designs. My favorites are the ones that look a bit like tops.

  6. Some lovely thrift finds there. I especailly love the shelf papers, not something your see these days.

  7. Your Coffee pot is in Swedish. The English translation: Coffee is the best of all drinks on earth. Lovely finds!

  8. I love he Swedish coffee pot! It will look so pretty set out among all your flowers.

  9. I actually spoted that coffee pot at a thrift store and passed on it. I really thought it was cool, but was wondering what it said too.

  10. Wonderful cheerful colors on all your finds.

  11. I love the shelf paper you found. What a treasure.


  12. I love all your vintage goodies. That enamel coffee pot would look so cute with some flowers in it. I think that book is my favorite...too funny. I always try to bargain at an estate sale, but it varies from sale to sale. Some won't come down on their prices until the 2nd day. I never hurts to ask:-)

  13. Definitely okay to haggle at an estate sale, but you still got an amazing deal on that shelf paper! I am so jealous! I've never seen any "in real life"!

  14. Hello.
    Text on the pot is in swedish and says:
    A cup of coffee is the best of all drinks in the hole world...
    I am from Norway near the border to Sweden.
    This was funny:):):)

  15. I love the papers and the ornaments. We've had a couple of estate sale companies pop up here and I've found that one will haggle some and the other does not. It never hurts to ask!

    Modern Cameo

  16. I really enjoy stopping by blogs such as yours to see what great thrift shop finds you've discovered.
    You're an inspiration!

  17. Love Love Love the paper!!! Oh the uses for that are endless. You CAN haggle at an estate sale, the worst you will hear is no. Sometimes at the begining of the sale they won't dicker with the prices but they will let you know when things will be cheaper. Love the coffee pot also, I would look up on Google translate what it says.
    :) Michelle