August 14, 2011

Thrifty Treasures

What is the first thing you do when you walk into a thrift store or rummage sale?  I would just start looking at the point of entry but have changed my strategy. My sister-in-law visited with me last week, and she too is a treasure hunter. We hit the local thrift stores, rummage sales, church rummage sale, and even went out of town seeking new thrift stores. While shopping I noticed several items in other shoppers carts that I would have purchased myself, I had shopper envy. So I have decided to implement a new thrifting strategy. I enter the store and do a sweep of the store, a quick walk through, for items of interest and items on my list. What is your shopping strategy? Care to share your knowledge with me, it would be appreciated.

Here are my treasures for the week...

This chalkware 1970's bank was priced $1.00
the thrift store was taking 25% off knick knacks
that day. She was cute, had no damage, 
made me smile, and was priced right.

No more arguing at Yaya's while playing with the dollhouse. 
The furniture and the family including the cat was only $4.00.

Don't remember how much I paid for this elf planter.
It was one of those purchases I can't explain.

Pyrex Green Honeydew sugar and creamer. The sugar bowl is missing the lid.

I found this embroidered 11x14 piece sitting on everything is 25¢ table.Someone worked very hard on this piece, and it broke my heart to see that no one wanted to purchase it. The embroidered piece was mounted on a piece of cardboard and was stained in several places from age. The above photo is after a good soaking but still needs to be washed. Do you ever rescue items from sales?  

I look forward to seeing everyones thrift finds of the week.

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  1. Love the colours of the Pyrex - it's the same as the wallpaper and fabric I have chosen for my living room.

  2. My strategy is that I usually head straight to the housewares/dishes area. After I scan those shelves, then I can move on to other areas. I usually scan back over the same areas at least twice to make sure my eyes haven't jumped over something. This happens more often than not. ;)

    Your elf planter is adorable and he would have jumped in my cart, too, just because. So glad that you rescued the sweet embroidery piece.

  3. The little girl is so sweet! I normally hit up my favourite sections first so dresses then shoes!

    E :)

  4. Your little bank is adorable. I always feel the need to rescue things especially if they have been hand made.

    :) Michelle

  5. Nice vintage finds! The little bank is my favorite, she is so cute. I do the same thing. I thrift quick and with a mission:

    Rush in, do a quick run of the store with my cart scanning items and tossing potentials in the cart. Then after that I do a more throughout look around a couple more times before leaving to the next thrift haunt. It works!

  6. My strategy is framed artwork and knicknaks like your bank-then jewelry. After that I do a walk thru of the entire store kitchenwares, vintage dolls-my last thing is to look thru the purses and clothing, usually in that order.