August 17, 2011

Gadgets ~ The Good ~ Bad ~ Ugly ~ Part 2

Are you a creature of habit, when it comes to charging your cell phone? Do you charge your phone in the same place every time? I found this gadget while on vacation, and I decided to purchase it as soon as I saw it. Drinn Mobile Phone Holder by Kikkerland was under ten dollars and appeared to be the solution I have been looking for, and it's made in the USA.

 Driinn Mobile Phone Holder by Kikkerland

The Mobile Phone Holder hangs between the battery charger and the wall socket. The shelf supports the cell phone, ipods, and small digital cameras, with a convenient  place to wrap up the cord.

This is what my Mobile Phone Holder looks like while 
charging my soon to be replaced cell phone.

The jury is out on this gadget I don't hate it, but I haven't grown to love it just yet. 
I know that I will definitely take the Mobile Phone Holder with me on my vacations.


  1. Very interesting! My daughter charges hers on her computer; I tried that but didn't care for it so I use the plugin beneath my kitchen counter.

  2. We did buy a gaget from a TV commercial which stirs gravy and sauces for you while you do other things. I love it.

  3. There is a large range of cell phone holder stress balls that when printed with your logo and details can sit on your customers' desks promoting your company for years.