August 16, 2011

Gadgets ~ The Good ~ Bad ~ Ugly

I like gadgets. During the Christmas season, I watch commercials for gadgets, the Clapper, it turns off the light when you clap, Chia Pet, enough said, and we all know of or have the Snuggie.  I don't purchase many of these gadgets, but for some reason, they fascinate me.

I have found gadgets while thrifting that were very useful and the price was right. While browsing the Goodwill, several years ago, I bought a bag of four hooks with suction cups for only 50¢. Those hooks held up bags with digital cameras for student  check out for many years. At an estate sale, I purchased a dog Snuggie for 50¢ and I don't own a dog! My friend who does have a dog liked it so much she paid me a $1.00.

During our vacation, we were perusing the shops and I came across this gadget that is wonderful.

Reisenthel Mother Child Tote Shopping Bag

Visit the Reisenthel site, for more information.
I did not purchase the bag, and I have buyers remorse.
Lots of baby showers to attend this fall, the bag would have made a great gift.

I have just join OpenSky  it's  a cross between Twitter and a permanent sale at your favorite fashion and lifestyle boutique. First, choose which designers, chefs, and celebrities to follow  Then snatch up their weekly picks with special pricing for members only.

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