August 25, 2011

Is There Thrift Shopping Etiquette?

My sweet sister has been holding on to her Goodwill birthday coupon, which gives you 25% off your entire purchase, and today was the day that she decided to use it. After a forty minute drive to our favorite Goodwill, we grabbed carts, and we were off.  My first thrift find was a large amber Vision stock pot by Corning Ware priced at $6.99.

All paperback books are 89¢, and for that price, 
I decided to buy this cupcake book.

I found two vintage German Thomas porcelain mugs for 49¢ each.

I decided to take a second walk around the store to see if I missed anything or if  any new items were placed out on the floor.  I spotted a woman looking at some nesting dolls, she was taking them apart and checking to see if all the dolls were inside, I waited to see if she would put the nesting dolls in her cart or back on the shelf. After a few moments she put them back on the shelf. I waited a few seconds and reached for the nesting dolls. For some reason, I looked at the lady and said "Are you finished with this?" She replied, "No, I'm still thinking about them."  She immediately grabbed the nesting dolls and put them in her cart. When she placed that item back on the shelf, was it fair game or did she still have the right to consider purchasing it? My emotions ran from ticked off all the way to it was the right thing to do. What would you have done in this situation? Is there any thrift shopping etiquette? Let me know I sure would appreciate it.

I found my sister and quickly forgot about the nesting dolls. As we were checking out, my sweet sister reached over and grabbed my items placed them on the counter and paid for them. Remember the 25% birthday coupon, well not only did she get that but she used her Goodwill shoppers card, and because she spent over $20.00 she received an additional 5% off AND Wednesday is senior citizen discount day for an additional 15% off the entire purchase. Score. I had a fabulous day.


  1. If she was still thinking about it, she should have put it in her basket until she made a decision. I think if she put it back on the shelf it was fair game. But that's just my opinion. I love that cupcake book!

  2. If its on the shelf then anybody can purchase it-if she wanted it and or was "thinking" of it she should have put it in her cart-she should had shown some "etiquette". She only wanted it because she knew you were interested. Personally, I would have purchased it had it been on the shelf.
    Sorry-Good luck next time!