May 12, 2014

Thrift Find and Pen Pals

Have you watched the Pier One commercial where items in the shop talk to shoppers? They ask shoppers to come to the store and 'find what speaks to you.'

That is exactly what happens to me at thrift stores, items talk to me, calling me over for a closer look seeking a home where they will be loved and cherished.

I am a digger, I like to see what is at the bottom of the bin, or hidden way back on the bottom shelf at the thrift shops.

I am drawn to less than perfect items, tattered, stained, and chipped treasures are a delight to me. Don't get me wrong, I get very excited when I find a well preserved, perfect conditioned treasure to bring home, but I often times see the beauty in less than perfect items.

I like to dig in the isle where they throw have the school supplies, I like the old three ring binders with the pebble finish. I have many different sizes and colors, and when I find them with a rounded corner paper still inside, I'm thrilled.

Anyway while I was digging around that area I came across this correspondence secretary.

The spine is tattered, but I was drawn to the blood red of the embossed faux leather with gold lettering.

The inside has three different sections, and to my surprise and delight it still contained some stationary!
Center section has a green blotter with 8x10 linen paper, on the right some business size and standard envelopes. 

On the left, the paper was folded with note sized envelopes. When watching old black and white movies and someone gets a letter often times the stationary used is folded as the piece above. 

Also on the left side of this trifold is a small area where stamps can be stored, and an area where the previous owner had slipped in a few items.

It appears that whom ever this belonged to had visited the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin, had cut out television listings, and brought along prayer card.

This prayer card was a parent's prayer for a family vocation, whom ever this secretary belonged to wanted their son/sons to become a priest. I wonder if those prayers were answered.

Remember pen pals, getting lovely cards for your birthday as a child, letters from aunts, or grandmas in the mail?  I sure do and I treasure each one that has been saved, I like reading the  messages and seeing how my aunts signed their names, and the sweet little x o x o that were scattered about a card.

Linda who writes the blog Wetcreek had a fabulous post titled 'Are We Making History Anymore?'  pop over and read her thoughts on correspondence.

Any other snail mail fans out in blog land that would like to exchanges notes via snail mail?

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  1. What a lovely item to find! I think you and I look for the same kind of stuff! I have to old journals I found a while back still in the plastic wrap.

  2. I just wrote a comment, and it disappeared! Let's try this again: Thanks, Paulette, for linking up to my blogpost about "making history." I am also "drawn" to the bottom of the heap for the good stuff in the thrift shops. And your little red treasure is good stuff. By the way, my niece must have gotten my message and printed out some great family photos for my mom to enjoy. Have a good week! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  3. Oh your writing set is beautiful! I can see why that spoke to you!

  4. Have you ever heard of "Postcrossing"? It's an international postcard swap, you send and receive postcards - it's nice to get something other than bills or flyers in the mail box!!

  5. Yes, if it calls to me I will buy it even if it is chipped, stained or torn. Great little find!

  6. I love the history in a piece like this. My niece and I do still exchange cards, letters and postcards each month. I do save most of my letters and cards.