May 16, 2014

He Sang on Television and Now Sings and Serves

American Idol the singing competition that searches for the next super star has announced the three finalists. I watched the second season of this show when Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken were the finalists. I believe that Clay Aiken the runner up became famous while Ruben Studdards career hit a few road blocks. After that, I lost interest and never tuned in again. I am now getting to the point of not watching The Voice either.

Anyway the commercial for American Idol jogged my memory about my trip to Branson, Missouri last year where I was waited on by Matt Kester, season four finalist from American Idol at Mel's Hard Luck Cafe.

Mel's Hard Luck Cafe features singing waiters who perform during service, and Matt Kester just happened to be our server.

Matt Kester taking our order at Mel's Hard Luck Cafe
I had no idea who he was, but the jewel cases sitting on the table for sale told us exactly who he was.

Two CDs for sale by Matt Kester at Mel's Hard Luck Cafe
I didn't buy one.
Matt Kester getting our drinks
Soon after serving us our order it was his turn to sing a song for all the patrons in the restaurant. All of the wait staff took turns entertains us including the cooks! He has a beautiful voice and I'm glad he is able to continue to share his gift. 

I wonder if the next winners of American Idol will find fame and fortune as Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson, and Carrie Underwood did? If not they can always get a job at Mel's Hard Luck Cafe.