May 8, 2014

Foxes How To Relocate?

In a subdivisions, in my town lives a family of nine, a mama, daddy, and 7 babies, the mama is referred to as a vixen, the daddy is sometimes called a dog, and the seven babies are called kits. This family of nine is referred to as a troop or leash. 

Why such strange names for this family? Because is it a family of foxes and this family has taken up residence in my daughter's neighborhood more specifically under her front porch.

Over two years ago one fox decided to make its home under the cemented front porch, a short time later the fox found a special friend, now two foxes lived under the porch. About four weeks ago seven baby foxes were born.

People stop in front of my daughter's house to take photos and videos of the nine of them scampering around the front yard, even playing with a ball left in the front yard by my grandchildren.
What a cute sight? Aren't they sweet? 

Not when they live under your front porch!

Warning 3 Graphic Photos

This is what my two grandchildren see on a daily basis as they walk out the front door when leaving for school and daycare.

For over two years, at their own cost my daughter and her husband have hired a private trapper so that the original fox, then the second fox could be trapped and relocated. I guess you have heard the expression, 'sly as a fox,' or 'smart as a fox.' 

This is where they enter and exit, the main entry point is right next to the steps by the front door. Notice the fur and feather in the first photo? 

A few weeks ago the alderman in the area got involved and contacted the police, permission for the city community service officer to get involved was granted by the chief of police. The private trapper that was hired by my daughter and son-in-law removed his traps and two large traps were placed by the city in her front yard and porch.

Our local newspaper wrote an article about the foxes, getting people all over the city upset and angry at my daughter and son-in-law! 

After the April 11th attack of two children at a park in New Hampshire, where a child was pushed down and bitten by a fox, and the Kenosha News article.  A local news station reporter showed up at my daughter's front door requesting an interview. Request denied she just came home with her new baby. That didn't stop the news from interviewing the neighbors and showing the front of her house. While they were filming, two foxes, who come out from their home day or night, and are NOT afraid of people emerged from under the porch. You can see that segment by clicking here.

My daughter and son-in-law want the foxes relocated so that their three children, six, three and newborn can play in their yard since the weather here in Wisconsin if finally getting warmer.

My daughter has hired a company to come in and secure her front stoop with wire mesh and new cement as soon as this family is relocated.

If anyone of you have a suggestion on how to capture these foxes for relocation, please share your knowledge.

Today the temperatures are predicted to reach 80 degrees. After school, I'm sure the boys will want to play outside, but the question is, will they be safe?


  1. Here in CT, we have a Division of Wildlife that would get involved. Try searching for your state's Dept of Environmental Protection...:) JP

  2. What a story! It's all so dangerous. I wish I had a solution, but trapping them and relocating them is really the only solution.

  3. What a dilemma. I hope the foxes are safely removed and relocated, without being hurt or killed. I can understand how your daughter wants her children to be able to play in the yard!

  4. I wish them luck getting them moved on Paulette but I think they tend to settle in a place and then keep returning there. I'm amazed they choose to leave so near to humans to be honest.

  5. What a nuisance - and I thought I had it bad with burrowing chipmunks!!! Hope it all works out!

  6. That is quite the predicament especially since this is their new home. My oh my, the only problem with animals that I ever had was a few gofers when I first moved here and my cats would not go near them. Although my cat brought me a present of a tiny lizard and laid it on the back stoop.

  7. What a predicament. Of course, your daughter wants her own family to enjoy their home. But, I do feel for the wildlife, also. More and more homes are being built and wildlife is being boxed out of their former homes. I'm not sure if there's an answer that satisfies all parties...