January 27, 2014

The First Sights ~ Bern, Switzerland

The capital of Switzerland is Bern, with a population of roughly 130,000 people. I found the pace in Bern to be  leisurely and relaxed filled with abundant history, culture, and impressive architecture.

My first view of the charming town of Bern as I exited the bus.

One of the most charming towns, Bern, Switzerland.
The bridge over the Aare River that leads into the city.
The residence of these buildings has a view of 'The Bear' park across the river.
Bjork and Finn can climb, fish and play in their newly created surroundings, 'The Bear Park."
Visitors can view the bears from above or from the river walk.
The bears old habitat was deemed inhumane, I must agree, a small cement pit didn't allow much room for the bears.
The cement quarters the bears once called home.
Count Berchtold V of Zahringia founded the city of Bern in 1160. According to legend he killed a large bear in the forest near his new town and named the town for the beast. 

Old style Bern flag, the bear is always represented as a male.
Structures of houses sit atop the smoke stacks.

These small houses add a charming element to the architecture of the buildings.
Charming detail added to the smoke stacks.
Walking down the main street of Old Town Bern, Switzerland, fountains with statues stand in the center of the street.

 One of the eleven fountains in Bern. This is 'Lady Justice' erected in 1543 and stands in the center of Gerechtigkeitsgasse or Justice Street.

The Fountain of Justice is listed as a cultural heritage of national significance because it is the only Bernese fountain to retain all of the original design elements.

Looking up at the facades of windows, you will see full sized statues on pedestals that represent some the towns craft people from times gone by.

A leather worker or tanner.
On the main street shops and restaurants are at street level, with some located below.

I will share more of my Bern experience in a future post. What a glorious town.

School has been called off for today and tomorrow because of extremely cold temps. These children will be going to school well into the month of June.



  1. Looks like a fascinating place.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Wonderful place!!! Both my hands are up...high...can you see them?...:)JP

  3. So glad you showing your pictures from you wonderful trip. Makes me yearn to head back to Europe. Stay warm!

  4. It looks lovely Paulette - full of history. I'm so glad the bears have been moved. I recall seeing bears in a cement enclosure like the one they were kept in when I was a very small child.

  5. I can tell from your photos I would greatly enjoy visiting Bern. I like the Lady Justice statue. My husband and I stayed in Zug, Switzerland for a few days and that was very beautiful. We were there during their Independence Day holiday and were fortunate to find a hotel room.