January 19, 2014

Market in Basel, Switzerland

We came across the Marktplatz (farmers market) in the center of Old Town in Basel, Switzerland.  Basel is located in the northwest corner of Switzerland and is bordered by France and Germany. The weather, while cool, was much warmer than the weather in the state of Wisconsin.

Joining in Sunlit Sunday over at My Little Home and Garden.

The sun is shining on the market welcoming the shoppers.

The color of the squash was intensified by the rays of sunlight.

An array of vegetables and fruits were a feast for the eyes.

Already for the lunch crowd.

 Sausages, peppers and olives.

Flowers and wreaths for the home.

Need a little sunshine in your day? Drop by Sunlit Sunday and enjoy all of the beautiful photos that are being shared. If you would like to participate, like I did, visit,

Sunlit Sunday at My Little Home and Garden


  1. Paulette, you've made me hungry! I love farmer's markets. This one looks like so much fun -- the mushrooms caught my eye, sausages, olives and flowers. Wonderful! Happy SunLit Sunday.

  2. Oh my, but those croissants look good!! Makes my mouth water!!! Wishing you well! Cathy

  3. A great market warmed by the sun and you,...:)JP

  4. Welcome to Sunlit Sunday, Paulette. I backtracked through a few of your posts and saw that you had a wonderful trip with your final days spent in Basel.

    I like how the outdoor markets in Europe extend beyond the summer months that they're open in my area. It would be a treat to visit the one you've shown in your post and find the makings of some good meals.

    I hope you enjoy the posts that others have linked and choose to return again.


  5. The foods and sunshine...a living work of art!

  6. Such bold and beautiful colours in those seasonal fruits and veggies! And, even though I should stick to such healthy fare, I would, no doubt, linger at the sweet breads booth, although I shouldn't dare, as they are my weakness!


  7. What a lovely market to feature on Sunlit Sunday. The mushrooms look wonderful, and the pastries. Oh yum!
    Wandering through a market on a sunny day is a joy to remember.

  8. I enjoyed the visit to this market on a sunny day. Wonderful food photos! Thanks for visiting and your kind comment. Have a great week. Pamela

  9. I love, love, love these markets and the array of items they sell. Fresh and tasty goods to fill any desire. Just looking at your photos make me long to be there and sampling the wonderful goodies!

  10. What a beautiful post! What a fun Farmers Market....I would really enjoy going to one like this!


  11. I remember being in Basel many, many years ago and walking through the wonderful markets. Thanks for the memories. Coming over from Sunlit Sunday.

  12. We lived for some time within an easy drive of Basel. I have such fond memories of fall afternoons at the market. One of the things I like best about these markets is how they are so full of flowers, wonderful vegetables and so many people no matter what time of year.

  13. A feast for the eyes. What beautiful photo's you captured.