January 22, 2014

Share Some Love ~ Share a Recipe

Kitchen remodeled finished, new appliances installed, cabinets organized, and now I'm ready to cook. Last night I cooked 'to go' dinners for both of my daughter's and their families.

Nothing fancy, good old fashion meatloaf, one with bacon on top and one without for the daughter who does not like bacon, insert a huge *GASP* because why would you not like bacon?

I decided to make bacon and eggs as a sweet treat for the grandchildren, bacon, the pretzels, and eggs, white chocolate and a yellow M & M for dessert.

I wasn't going to dig all of the yellow M & M's out of the bag so they got every color inside the bag.

I enjoy reading a post about delicious recipes that bloggers have made, and often times I do get a chance to make them. 

Scarlet from The Finished Article shares marvelous vegetarian recipes that are tasty and economical, Jacqueline from Cheapskate Bletherings her latest was a fish stew, Judy at Cranberry Mornings shared an English Toffee that looked very tasty. 

I have a confession to make, don't judge to harshly, I don't use Pinterest, I have an account and have even pinned a few items, but I don't enjoy using it. I click and click and sometimes click again until I am at the page with the instruction/recipes, dislike that, a lot. 

Now my sweet sister, who I just gave my old iPad to, was shown by her daughter Pinterest and she loves it, in fact, spends more time with my old iPad and Pinterest than she does me!

So a huge thank you to all the bloggers that post recipes that inspire me to cook delicious dishes.

If you have a few moments stop by and visit Scarlet, Jacqueline, and Judy, tell them Paulette sent you.

Have you posted a tasty recipe on your blog? Leave me your URL and I will be sure and visit.


  1. Thanks for mentioning the food blogs. My daughter is a vegetarian and I am always wondering what to make her for dinner and I love English Toffee, so I need to check-out that blog for sure, too!

  2. I burned out with Pinterest so I rarely go there anymore. It is a huge waste of time almost like playing games on Facebook.

  3. I do like Pinterest but tend to use it as a purely visual thing. I get a bit irritated having to click through various windows to get to instructions and tend not to bother either. I like it for inspiration though.

  4. Paulette, thank you so much for mentioning my blog, that's so sweet of you! Your daughters are so lucky to have you, your idea of 'to go' dinners for they and their families is a great one.

  5. boy do I have to catch up my reading...about your trip AND your new kitchen! You have been having fun.

  6. Thankyou for the mention Paulette. I love the sweet treats you made!
    I just don't 'get' Pinterest, and have had to contact somebody who uses it to remove a photograph of one of the things that I made, as I don't want images of my things on there.