January 15, 2014

Basel, Switzerland ~ Day One

My journey started on December 2 in Basel, Switzerland, where I spent three days exploring Basel, and Bern.

I started my river boat cruise from Basel, and visited all the ports on the map, ending in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Our three day stay, on land, in Basel, was an option that could be added on before the river cruise started. We figured we had to pay the airfare over to Europe, so for a few hundred dollars more we were able to enjoy Basel for a few days.

We stayed at the Radisson Bul, the trams stopped right in front of the hotel, very convenient.

The hotel provided mobility tickets for all of its guests to use the tram, this allowed free use of the public transportation system. In Basel the tram would stop, passengers would get on board and off we would go. You don't have to show your ticket to anyone, it is an honor system with random spot check. If you are caught without a ticket, you'll be fined a substantial amount, not to mention the embarrassment you would incur. While riding on the tram you are not allowed eat or drink, or listen to loud music. Makes for a very enjoyable ride.

The lobby and bar inside the Radisson Blu, Basel, Switzerland.

Our room was located on the fourth floor, we were very comfortable during our stay.

Loved the feather blankets that were provided.

Very modern carpet.

The step over the bath tub was so tall compared to my tub at home.

After we checked in and got settled, a short time later we were scheduled for a walk around Basel. This was one of the first sights in Basel that took my breath away.

This Christmas pyramid slowly rotating with lights aglow inside the Maktplaz was the first sight I saw entering my first Christmas market. I was fascinated with the market and couldn't wait to visit the rest of the markets.


  1. A place I have never been to...looking forward to reading more of your trip!

  2. What a lovely hotel, and the Christmas pyramid is beautiful! Thankyou for sharing your photographs. Your generosity allows me to ' visit' places and see things that I wouldn't otherwise be able to.

  3. Sounds like that was the best part of your trip - on land where you didn't get seasick.

  4. JOSE
    Many thanks for your feed back for sure i will go there

  5. Radisson Blu Basel looks very nice!!!! und nice PIC S

  6. Switzerland was one of my favorite places! I LOVE the Christmas Pyramid. What a gorgeous sight that must have been in person. I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip in this very special part of our world.