January 14, 2014

My 1972 Ranch Kitchen Remodeled

October 5, 2013 was the start date of my kitchen remodel, and when I returned home on the night of December 16th from my vacation I saw, for the first time, my newly remodeled kitchen.

Here are the before and after pictures. . .

While putting everything back in the cabinets I decided that I was going to use my good stainless steel flatware, the beautiful set of Yorkshire Staffordshire Ironstone that I purchased at a rummage sale, you can read about that thrifty find here, and my good glasses from Mikasa.

I purged all of the items I hadn't used in eons, giving some to my daughters and the rest to Goodwill. Things are neat and tidy in every cabinet, and I have been enjoying cooking and eating in my new kitchen.

This is my favorite cabinet, I am a huge fan of Polish Pottery, and have been collecting and receiving pieces as presents for many years.

I added a few features to the cabinets that I thought would be useful for me in the kitchen.

I enjoy the convenience of these pull out shelves that I use for my pots and pans.

This angle cabinet was a perfect spot for this Lazy Susan.

I thought this pull out spice cabinet was a good idea, but I'm not a huge fan, maybe I'll get use to it.

I am still using my same kitchen table and chairs, although my children think I should purchase a new set in darker wood. Nope nothing wrong with this set. I am trying to decide what kind of window treatment I will put on the windows, so many choices. If you have any suggestions, I'm open to hear them.


  1. Wow, what a huge difference; beautiful AND beautifully organised!

    Hmmm, what about half curtains in a stripe which picks up the new colours in your kitchen? Privacy whilst still getting plenty of light.

  2. Your kitchen looks amazing! Love your pottery collection!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Looks awesome, Paulette! And don't you just love the new appliances? I envy your Polish pottery collection. Enjoy your new kitchen! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  4. Love the new kitchen, especially those pull-out drawers!!!!

  5. It's beautiful - pull out drawers - nice!!!!

    I have a small window like that, I just have a topper in winter, a roll up blind for the summer.

  6. Paulette, it looks wonderful, I bet you are so thrilled with it.

  7. Your kitchen is gorgeous! How wonderful that you will be able to enjoy it now and use the good china too (you should because everyday is special).


  8. I'm dazzled!! It was worth the wait! In my last house I had pull out shelves in a few cabinets and I loved them. I would love the pull out spice shelf too. What is it that you don't like? I would keep the table and chairs too. You like them! When I purged to make our move, I only took my favorite dishes. Congratulations on completing this. I favor no drapes, but that's me.

  9. Paulette, how beautiful! We remodeled our kitchen 7 years ago and I still am dazzled every morning when I walk into it. I agree with Jacqueline in the earlier comments - half curtains on the window, for privacy and light (that's what I have!).

  10. PS Forgot to cast my vote for keeping your table and chairs. I like to keep things I like forever!

  11. Love that Polish Pottery! Your new kitchen is so much brighter and light. It look spectacular!

  12. Paulette, I have serious kitchen envy! Oh, how gorgeous it is!! I love the pull out shelves; they are soooo practical. I would have them in a second if I had room.

    You could always paint your table set a darker color should you decide to do so. Or even just paint the chairs. I don't see any reason to get new, though, since they are look nice and are in great condition. I am using my husband's aunt's kitchen table - an oldy but goody- in our kitchen.

  13. I loved how you made your kitchen a little bit ultramodern with the metallic appliances. Those are elegant looking kitchenware, especially the Polish pottery! I am envious!

    Lynn Williamson

  14. Wow! Your kitchen underwent dramatic changes! It looks more beautiful than it was before. I like the personality it now has. It looks concrete and well defined as well. Nice job!

    Paddy Wright