September 8, 2011

Unique item !?!

As I walked around the boutique stocked with unique items made by talented artisans, my eye caught sight of a wall hanging. I called my friend over and we both looked examined the wall hanging for several minutes. How clever to use an old book, look how they fringed the edges of the pages, did they use the whole book.
The consensus; we were fascinated by this piece but unsure if we liked it. What do you think, would you hang this on your wall? Is this a DIY project that you could make or perhaps improve on?

The object of my fascination.

It appears as if the book is mounted on a covered board.

The fringe is what I like.

Here are a few shots of things that I liked.

Numbers have become a mainstay in decorating.

These white flowers are made from coffee filters attached to a skewer.

Two tone coffee filter flowers.

While visiting another shop, I saw a Halloween item that my sister and I will attempt to make.  My plan is to post a tutorial about this project, oh, I've never done a tutorial before, you better not hold your breath waiting for it ((:


  1. I wouldn't hang it on my wall. So what do you do with the numbers?

  2. I kinda like it! But I tend to like weird stuff (it drives my mom crazy). Love the numbers too.

  3. It is funny how every generation has its own take on this. Right now that style is very popular. Just curious which city or boutique you were in? Years ago there was a place in Grayslake that this would have fit right in.
    And the flowers are a take on flowers I did for scouts back in the late 60s.

    Someday when I have "extra" time I need to do many tutorials for Tutorial Tuesdays.