September 1, 2011

School Daze

Today is the first day students report to public school, and my thoughts and prayers are with my oldest grandson who starts 4th grade today. Private schools started last week with my second grandson starting kindergarten and I am happy to report all seems to be going well.

While shopping at an estate sale I came across this book or I should say pamphlet for just 25¢, I love ephemera.

This pamphlet was written in 1953 by 
Concordia Publishing House in St. Louis, MO.

Here is a poem about manners and school from this pamphlet.

Good Manners Go to School

We are your friends called "Manners,"
We go with you to school.
We want to help you always
To live the Golden Rule.

So, first let's think of kindness,
To use it every day
In classroom, hall, or study,
And in the hours of play.

Politely greet your teachers,
And all your classmates, too.
The friendly smiles you give them
Will come right back to you.

Each day when you're reciting
Stand straight before your class.
Of course you'll know your lessons
If you expect to pass.

When school is out, don't loiter,
Or through the halls just roam.
Perhaps your mother needs you
To help with work at home.
So, simply keep on trying
To live the Golden Rule.
You'll find "good manners" help you
To graduate from school.

Four Good Manner to Remember

Greet your teachers cheerfully with a smile.
Going to school is fun when you have your homework done.
Your desk belongs only to you. 
You will enjoy it more if you keep it clean and neat.
Be friendly to new pupils and visitors.

Times have changed since 1953 some things changed 
for the good and some things just change.

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