September 11, 2011

Thrift Treasures

Here are my thrift finds for the week.

A bag of trim 50¢ and numbers 50¢.

Post cards and baby announcements for scrap booking.

I liked the lotus flowers on this Fire King loaf pan 
I found a Fire King loaf pan last week now I have two. 
Could this be a start of a collection?

I like etched glass so when I saw this I immediately picked it up. 
When I turned it over I found out it was Pyrex. 

I finally found my first refrigerator piece of Pyrex.
My sister found the green Pyrex bowl at her neighbors sale.
Thanks for the gift CeeCee.

This crochet apron was only 50¢.

Beautiful hand work.

Looking forward to seeing everyones thrift finds.

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  1. I love the crochet apron I've never seen one before. The baby announcements are adorable!

    E :)

  2. You've found so many lovely pieces.
    Fire King collectiion = Yes, you can't go wrong.
    I'm yet to find a Pyrex fridgie, but i'll just keep looking :). x

  3. Oh that apron is the sweetest, I have several aprons in my collection but a crochet one I do not. I love the peachy colour.

  4. I have a collection of vintage aprons but have have never come across a crochet one. It's beautiful, hope I find one for my collection one day.

  5. The bits and pieces of applique and ribbon look fun. I wonder what you will create?

    Congratulations on your Pyrex fridge container! And love that sweet crocheted apron. Imagine the time spent on making that!

  6. Wishing you luck finding more is a favorite of mine too!

  7. love the pyrex It is hard to come by where I live... One garage sale I went to had a collecton of fire king It was out of my price range

  8. How cool - you will be able to wear your new apron whilst cooking yp something wonderful in your new pyrex! have never seen a crocheted apron before - quite an endeavour I think!

  9. Love the crocheted apron! And lucky find on the fridgie!


  10. wonderful finds! Finding yoru first fridgie is the most exciting thing! Congrats!!!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  11. I love those post-a-notes, lol! So cute!

  12. Wonderful treasures. I definitely see a Fire King Lotus collection for you. I came across a wonderful set of Pyrex Refrigerator Glass this weekend. Love the bright beautiful colors.

  13. That's the prettiest piece of Pyrex I've ever seen.

    I would have snapped up those sewing trims too :0)

    Thanks for linking up to

  14. Love those trims and the posh Pyrex. I've never seen Pyrex like that before - fab find!

  15. Great finds and excellent prices.
    I think the crocheted apron is more of a hostess attire, for serving rather than cooking. One could not buy the yarn to make it (even thrifted) for 50p!

  16. I love the vintage pyrex bowls too but sometimes very hard to find. And when you do find them typically the seller wants an arm and a leg for them. Great find on your sister's part!!! My sister found the pink set for me...aren't sisters great!

  17. yay for aqua Pyrex & a refrigerator dish with a lid

  18. I love the refrigerator dishes. I only have a few clear ones.

  19. I think I would have bought every single item you did; we thrift alike!! Great finds.

  20. Wow, where are you going to put all those things? Lots of comments - you are getting there.

  21. Oooh! the Fire King loaf pan and etched glass Pyrex are VERY nice!!