January 31, 2013

Vintage Pillowcases and Dollies Make a Cute Blouse

Do you have any vintage pillowcases, and crocheted dollies that you love but don't use to decorate your house?

Here is a creative way to turn them into little girls blouses. These pillowcase blouses were created by Charlene Randell who is owner/seamstress of Chazzie's Cuties, in Ellison Bay, Door County, Wisconsin.

This adorable pillowcase blouse is embellished with
a crocheted doily with rose accents, with vintage
buttons added to complete the blouse.

To make the neckline of the pillowcase blouse pop a
crocheted doily is sewn around the neckline.

An embroidered pillowcase was used to create this pillowcase blouse.
 Lace and ribbons are use to complete the look of this blouse.

Our whole family vacations in Door County, Wisconsin the last week of July, and I like to purchase a few unique items for my granddaughter LuLu Belle that she can wear during that time. I will pair the rose pillowcase blouse with some red capri leggings and a cute pair of sandals. 

What good be better, this brings my love for vintage and sweet LuLu Belle together? Perfect!



  1. How pretty are those tops! I wish I was clever! xx

  2. It will look adorable on your Lulu Bell.

  3. What a cute name, I love it : ) This are really adorable. I have a lot of little girls I could make these for, I'll be looking for the doilies now. Great idea.

  4. LuLu Belle will look absolutely adorable! These are a very clever repurpose.