January 14, 2013

I Bought This Because . . .

There is nothing like a notice from the city about sump pump inspections to get people motivated to clean up their basements, and that includes me.

On Sunday, I ventured down into my basement to assess the situation. I need to organize, sort, and reevaluate my philosophy on thrift shopping.

I am a lover of vintage items and seem to gravitate towards unwanted, unloved items, many of which I purchase, and the item finds a home in my basement.

Case in point these three items, I am still scratching my head over these items.

A mans beaver hat, a French magazine, and a book written in Japanese.

When I saw the square white box in the basement I remembered buying the hat. My husband has been gone for fourteen years, and my son certainly would not wear this hat, why did I buy it?

Was I enamoured with the feathers tucked inside the braid around the hat?
Or perhaps this pin that adorned the hat.
I do remember that the hat was half price at a Sunday estate sale, cost for this hat $2.50. 
Usefulness zero!

My love for ephemera is evident in my house, from children's books to vintage paper goods. I usually use the vintage paper goods, I enjoy writing in a vintage notebook on vintage paper, I read the books and enjoy the vintage illustration in the children's books. However, I am scratching my head over these two books/magazines.

I have no idea what kind of book this is.
Nor do I know how to read Japanese. 
Perhaps I was fascinated by the graphics, the
only thing I could understand inside this book!

This magazine I could come up with a reasonable explanation for its purchase.

A magazine written in French, I haven't a
clue how to read or speak French.
I must have liked the photos inside the magazine.
This isn't my decorating style.
Very pretty dinning area, but where is this place.

As I go about straightening up the basement I'm sure I will find more treasures that I have purchased, but this process has gotten me thinking about my thrift shopping purchases and how I will shop going forward. 



  1. LIKING something always plays a large part in what i buy while thrifting...
    last week i bought a very large set of Boyd's bears' village houses and figurines...
    hopefully i will enjoy playing with them one day with a grandchild or two...and i love looking at them

  2. Ephemera...sigh...I think many of us have the ephemera bug. :-) BTW, I love the pin on that hat! I would have bought it for the pin alone. Nice find.

  3. I have a beaver pelt that belonged to my grandmother C. and I love the feel of it but I never wear it. It just reminds me of her.

  4. Mostly I buy with the intent to resell. Unfortunately I never do or even try. But I have a fortune of good junk in my house! (I keep telling myself.)

  5. Hey cheery gal! You might want to think about selling some of those fun finds that aren't as fun now on an 'occassional sale'. Become the guest vendor at a shop that has the monthly sales and move your treasures and make some $$. I did it last year, purged and made $ 130.00. Made some room in the house and now I'm more discerning about my vintage treasures that come home!

  6. I used to buy hats for dress up for the grandkids (who are now much to old for that unless it's Halloween). I have a story book in German but alas no French magazines! I always love stopping in to see you!