April 28, 2012

NYC Municipal Archives of Photos

As I sipped my morning coffee, and read my local newspaper, I came across this article that caught my attention.
"The New York City Department of Records released 870,000 images of New York City and its municipal operations and made them available to the public via the Internet for the first time.
The photos come from the city's Municipal Archives collection, and they feature all manner of city oversight - from beautiful bridges to gruesome crime scenes." Source: associated press via Kenosha News
My curiosity peeked by what these photos would show I grabbed my iPad and quick found the link. NYC historical photos can be found here, but because of the high demand the site isn't working; however, they are working on fixing this problem.
Here, is an example of a few of photos that were shown in online newspapers...
Circa 1890 photo of a pair of girls walking
east along 42nd Street in New York
Courtesy New York City Municipal Archives

May 18th, 1940—6th Avenue and 40th Street.
Caption on photo reads: “Nazi Army Now 75 Miles From Paris."
Courtesy New York City Municipal Archives

Dec. 22, 1936 of a man looking at the Hudson River from the
New York tower of the George Washington Bridge
Courtesy New York City Municipal Archives

September 30th, 1936—"a man hands a program to baseball legend Babe Ruth,
center, as he is joined by his second wife Clare, center left, and singer Kate Smith,
front left, in the grandstand during Game 1 of the 1936 World Series at the Polo Grounds in New York."
Courtesy New York City Municipal Archives
I look forward to viewing these images that go back to the mid-1800's, hope they hurry up and fix the problem. 


  1. Great photos Paulette from my very favourite place in the world! I will check out the website when its working, thanks for telling us about it.

  2. Beautiful .... Life frozen forever in time.
    Have a Great Weekend!!

  3. Very interesting. Did you check for any pictures of the ship that sunk with the Halligans on board?

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this and the link. I am going to bookmark it for the future and share with my dh who will also enjoy visiting. I especially like the picture you posted of the man on the bridge, but all the photos you've shown are interesting. Can't wait to check this site out! Thanks again, Paulette!

  5. Paulette - thanks for sharing, I love this kind of stuff. I will be checking out the link, hope it's up soon.

  6. How incredibly cool...I love old photographs, especially urban scenes. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for sharing that site. I'll go check it out and see if it's working again. Love that photo of the guy on the bridge with the skyline in the background.