April 26, 2012

Flavored Coffee, Mail, Blog Friendships

I can hear the mail truck approaching a half a block away, vroom stop, vroom stop, vroom stop, and when  the truck arrives at my mail box I hear the sound of the metal door slamming shut on my mailbox. This is a happy sound because I love mail; junk mail, cards, magazines, letters, even bills, but most of all I like packages.

Tammy from Tammy Loves Dishes told me a surprise package was on the way, I was anticipating the arrival of this package for several days, and on Tuesday, the package arrived.

I wish I would have taken a photo of the package, because Miss Tammy knows how to wrap a package securely. After several minutes, I got the package opened. I could smell my gift before I removed the tissue paper, it smelled divine.

I discovered the aroma was from a bag of flavored coffee, Coconut Crunch, from Duck's Cottage in North Carolina.

I wanted to taste this yummy smelling coffee right away, but I don't drink caffeine after 1 p.m. because I wouldn't be able to sleep.

I did, however, get my Keurig ready for my morning coffee, my re-useable filler cup, favorite coffee cup, spoon, and the Coconut Crunch coffee sat waiting on the counter until morning.

Waking up the next morning I made my cup of coffee.

As the smell of the brewed coffee filled the air I couldn't wait to taste this brew, and when I had my first sip of Coconut Crunch I was not disappointed. This flavored coffee tastes of coconut with just a hint of caramel. Yummy!

I went to the  Duck's Cottage website quickly realized that this coffee shop/bookstore is the places to visit when in the area. The Washington Post and the New York Times have both written articles about Duck Cottage.

Also, tucked inside the box was a re-useable cake tester, not only a useful item but beautiful, as well.

I met Tammy during my early days of blogging, even though we have never met face to face or talked on the phone, I feel a real connection with her, a friendship.

Thank you, Tammy, you have touched me with your kindness, thoughtfulness, generosity, and your friendship.

I would love to hear about any blog friendships you have made and visit their blog. The blogger community is filled with delightful ideas, stories, but most importantly are the people.  

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. Thank you to all that write blogs I enjoy reading them every day, I just want you to know that you are appreciated.


  1. I have several friends that I have made in blogging. Anne, Judy and Diana. They all make my heart continue to beat with joy. Nice gifts. I've never seen a long cake tester like that before.

  2. How sweet! There are a couple of bloggers who I see as friends, I always look forward to their posts in particular and feel we'd get on great if there weren't so many miles separating us.Rx


  3. What great gifts. Aren't bloggy friendships the greatest? I just wrote a post about some of my favorites.


    P.S. Now I want a Keurig like yours...and your coffee cup and spoon (so pretty).

  4. So glad you enjoyed the coffee, Paulette. I've put a request in for another bag since mine is running low with my daughter's boyfriend who is headed to Duck next week.

    Thankfully, they also ship!

    Blogland is a wonderful place. I am fortunate to have connected with you so early on!

  5. that coffee sounds heavenly...
    and the cake tester is so pretty

    i've met several people online over the years ... and i'm eager to meet them in person one day.

  6. Hi there,
    I met a lovely lady via blogging.
    When I first started my blog she kept encouraging me and left lovely comments that spurred me on.
    We are now good blog friends and I think we will be for a very long time.
    Emma. X

  7. I saw the photo of your cake tester on Pinterest today and just thought I would stop over to admire it, my daughter is the creator and I happened to do a post on her yesterday.

    Hope you are enjoying both coffee and your cake tester.