February 2, 2014

It's Not Yet Spring, But I Have Springs

I am getting a new box spring and matters for my guest room. I pulled the mattress off, leaned it against the wall; next the box spring was placed against the wall.

Lo and behold, what do my eyes spy, but bed springs, 45 of them all coiled up waiting to be removed.

I grabbed my needle nose pliers and clipped the wires holding the springs I then turned the spring counter clockwise to remove it from the wire attached to the boards. Easy peasy. 

So easy, in fact, I removed five more in less than five minutes.

Wondering if I should remove all of them?

I have seen candle holders, wreaths, Christmas decorations, and photo holders made from these cute coils. 

What the heck it will only take a little while to remove the rest, and it has to make the box spring lighter when I move it to the curb for pick up. 


  1. I can honestly say I have never seen anything made out of those types of springs. I will be fascinated to see what you do with them Paulette!

  2. Never realized what you could make with those!...:)JP