September 29, 2012

Up In the Sky

Tonight mother nature will allow us a visual treat in the night sky. So tonight I plan to step outside and gaze at the large orange full moon known as the Harvest Moon. Won't you join me?


  1. I love looking up at the moon and trying to imagine how the astronauts must have felt when they set foot on it. Tony has been to talks by several of the astronauts who walked on the moon and is totally in awe of them!

  2. Oh that song I can remember my mother singing!! Such memories.

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog.

    Just love going to flea markets.

    Thank you for sharing and enjoy your new week.

  3. I took a peek at the moon and felt blessed that it didn't give me a migraine. It was not orange on our side of the rockies.

  4. I did go out and look at our Harvest Moon here in Florida about midnight. It was brilliantly white with wispy clouds floating in front of it.