August 11, 2012

Thrift Share

Whew, what a week I've had.  I made a new friend on Tuesday, the Roto Rooter man, bleach and sanitizer were my besties on Wednesday, babysat for a sweet grandchild when the sitter became ill, attended a wedding, and will celebrate my two year old grandsons birthday tomorrow.  My sister in law is coming in on Monday for a five day visit.

However, I did get a phone call from my friend who is selling the contents of her fathers home and wanted to know if I would like to come over and take a look. Yes, thank you very much. I was so excited to get a look at everything before the sale.

I exhibited restraint and came home with two items, and one was purchased for my sister in law.

When I walked into the basement I spotted the slant top desk and thought it was lovely, it needed some tender loving care. I have a slant top desk from my aunts house, and my sister in law always wanted a desk like mine. I called my sister in law and told her told about it, sent a few photos and the deal was sealed for twenty five dollars. 

The fancy scroll work was broken off  from the bottom of the drawer, but all the pieces were inside the desk drawer. I liked the lines of the desk, the inlaid wood around the lock and handle, along with the design etched in the wood. The inside has little cubby holes and a nice writing area. 

How lucky my sister in law is to have a husband who loves to restore and repair furniture.

When shopping estate sales I enjoy digging inside cabinets, boxes, trunks, and checking in back corners of shelves.

My next treasure was found on the top shelf in a corner of the garage. This cone was laying on its side and had water staines, but the treasure seeker in me stood on tip toes and grabbed it. Inside was this table top tree. This is the item that I will keep. One dollar. Love it!

 What did you find this week while thrift shopping? I can't wait to see all of your treasures.

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  1. A lovely desk and a totally awesome tree!

  2. A steal of a deal on the slant top table! It's gorgeous!

  3. $25 for that gorgeous desk! Amazing find, glad it is going to a good home.

  4. Beautiful desk and the tree will be gorgeous at christmas.

  5. The desk is beautiful and the tree very unusual. It must be so exciting to get that call from a friend!

  6. Very envious of that desk, and what a bargain!

  7. What a beautiful teasure the water statined cone held.
    I bet you can't wait 'til Christmas to get it out on display.

  8. I love estate sales, especially when there are bargains to be found. Nice treasures.


  9. I love both the table and that groovy tree! Nice haul!